Sunday, July 10, 2005

Dear Noah:

Oh brother. Daddy just sat down to play trains with you on the floor....He touched you...which made you go off! Of course he keeps saying "Melinda there is absolutely NO reason for him to act that way!" (Hello.....did you forget your child has autistic spectrum disorder????)

And then daddy turned right around and did this....he said " I only did this......(and he proceeded to TOUCH you again!) which of course made you scream even longer and LOUDER!

Then he proceeded to tell me how it was just not right that you acted that way.....and no reason for it. HELLO?? Autism...sensory integration disorder....BOTH of just those things can cause you to react exactly like you did because someone touches you or comes to close to something you are playing with.

I cannot seem to get daddy to understand this. We go through this same crap every day over and over and over. I am so tired of it. It is a wonder you even want to play with daddy but you do.

Hopefully it will click in his brain someday.

I love you...


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