Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dear Noah

Well you have had some good days and some moments in time where you just cry over the silliest things (at least they seem silly to us). Everything can be so over dramatic to you and "life or death" to you.

You were watching the Santa's Toy Shop on QVC's Christmas in July yesterday and last night. You saw a few toys you felt you had to have. This in itself is new as you have never till now said you wanted anything you have seen on tv like most kids would. SO you saw several toys and kept me posted "they are still available", "I must have that", "I really want it", "hurry before they sell out" and then the inevitable "they sold out" and you would cry and cry and cry. I mean CRY! I finally explained to you that just because you saw something you liked would not always mean you would get it! While you understood that (I think) you still went on and on about things. I did well though and DID NOT purchase anything....even for myself!

Mommy may be without a job soon so better to start watching or money now! My job will either change but continue in some capacity, end, change but be completely different, or maybe I will end up working for someone else. SO many what ifs right now. NOT something you need to worry about.

You still don't understand "he", "I", "her", "she", etc. Very difficult for you as is common with autistic people. You can even look at a woman or girl and will call them he or him or think they are a boy. You still do not always recognize a boy from a girl, etc. You call yourself "me" all the time. We will definitely have to work on this in school this year.

HUM....what else is new? MUCH COOLER TEMPS! We had been 105 and 104 and 103 and all different degrees of 100! Today it will only be in the 70s MAYBE. Right now it is still 59 degrees! SO nice. I have the balcony door open and can do laundry without worrying about heating up the house!

Last night in bed you cried.....again......when you realized once again that you did not get any of the toys you liked before they sold out. EVERYTHING is forever with you. In your mind. LIFE AND DEATH FOREVER MOMENTS IN TIME! So overwhelming for you to handle. You cried about it no longer being 105! You wanted it to stay 105! On and on about the temperature then. I tried to reassure you that it was "OKAY" to have days of cooler temperatures! You are afraid your SUMMER is almost over I guess. On one hand you want cooler temps and rain and snow. On the other you want it hot and warm and sunny. Hard to keep up with you sometimes!

Right now you are going ballistic on the sofa. I AM allowing it. I wish I had an extra room I could pad and put mats down and blow up bouncy things in it for you to just have at it! That is truly what you need sometimes. I will set a time limit for this however!

Okay....stew in the crockpot. Honey corn muffins to go along with that to bake later. Of course you will not be eating any of this.



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