Monday, December 01, 2008

Dear Noah.....your school supplies arrived tonight and today was your first day of school here at home!

We ran a few errands and when we came back home this evening.....waiting on our doorstep were all these big boxes of school stuff for you from OVA. INCLUDING your computer and monitor! I am thankful it was delivered but more thankful no one stole the packages! We are usually always home but I have to admit I was surprised UPS left all these boxes right at the door. We brought all the goodies inside......wiping the snow covered boxes off first (as it had been snowing here today and tonight).

SOME of the boxes!

I have to admit the quantity of boxes and what was inside them amazed me! I am SO impressed! There is no way in public school you would have ever had all this at your fingertips!! BRAND NEW computer and monitor.....BRAND NEW books and hardback text books......all study sheets and worksheets.......subject KITS containing all the books and materials you will need for the year.

I was so incredibly thankful and feel blessed we made this decision to homeschool you via Ohio Virtual Academy. I am also adding in some additional studies on our own to the curriculum....because I wanted to make sure to include studying the Bible as part of your learning....along with some other things such as cooking and doing things around the house......sort of like Home Economics I guess.......and learning to do BANKING stuff and social skills.

I am THRILLED and SO excited! I am not sure but I may have even been more excited than YOU to see all these wonderful resources right here in our home for you to be able to use!

Study guides....teacher guides.....workbooks.....and more.....

Subject kits......

PART of the Language Arts kit.....ONLY part.....must have been 30+ books and materials in this box alone!

In the ART subject kit we even got big full-sized bottles of paints and brushes.....ART books to learn about famous artists and types of art....and gallery posters to look at different types of art and paintings.....I was quite impressed.

NOW I KNOW why I wanted to finish getting this room organized for all your school stuff...and this motivates me to finish doing that this week! I cannot wait to unpack and put onto shelves all your supplies and my teaching guides ....along with things I have purchased or had here for you as well. I am SUPER excited about this year of school for you!

Today we did 5 lessons in you wanted to keep working ahead as we are basically starting out reviewing some old Third Grade math to make sure you know it before moving onto Fourth Grade. You are starting out in Fifth Grade language arts so that is exciting too!

We also did art today and your project was working on a self portrait. We are learning about different types of art ...

We did your spelling lesson today as well.....but could not do too much more as at that time we still did not have the textbooks we needed to continue.

We went to the library and picked up 2 of the novels you will need this we can begin on those....we had a very good day.

THOUGH you started out grumpy and did not want to stop looking at You Tube to get ready for school. In fact you used the we talked about your punishment....and I have heard kids can sometimes set worse punishment for themselves....and when I asked you what you felt would be fair said to be banned from watching You Tube until Christmas ...that is over 3 weeks and I felt very for saying the F-word you are locked out from watching anything on You Tube until Christmas Day.

You are also keeping a precipitation chart for December to monitor our precipitation so we can graph it out at the end of the month.

AND you learned about David and Goliath tonight from the Bible.

All in all not a bad beginning......

Now to get you in bed as it is that time already!

I love you Noah!



Osh said...

What a busy day! I am excited to follow the OVA with you!

Melissa said...

Sounds like things are starting off really well! So glad to hear that. Love you both.

Betsy said...

This all just made me smile! Sounds like wonderful and all! And the boys are addicted, too! And getting it back on Christmas day might just be his favorite gift of all! LOL.

kristi said...

Fantastic!! I am so excited for you guys!!!

TC is addicted to You Tube and loves to watch Spiderman and Hulk videos.

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Glad to hear that everything arrived safely. Enjoy the new computer and books! It sounds like the rest of the school year is going to be great for both of you.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks like you two are really going to be busy for a while. Hope he gets everything caught up and the two of you can relax with the holidays coming up. Love you

Audrey said...

Wow, that much school supplies for school. I have never had that much school supplies before. I think I probably will in oh I don't know maybe 6th grade or maybe 5th grade I don't really know. I love you both. I hope the school stuff is going really well and you learn a lot Noah. I love you both.