Monday, December 15, 2008

Dear Noah......we went to Indiana Sunday.......

and ended up eating at CiCi's Pizza for love CiCi's pizza about as much as Dominio's ate EIGHT PIECES of pizza!

We then went to Webb's Antique Mall in Centerville, Indiana.....WE LOVE going there! We had a good time.....ran some other places.....ended up in Eaton, Ohio at Fort St. Clair to see the Christmas lights in the park......we got there 1/2 hour too early...and you started having a meltdown in the car......not wanting to wait.....wanting to go home.....etc...but we got through it....

YOU finally got your act together......and I let you take some photos...not too many turned out as they were blurry.....we were moving and it was hard for you to take photos riding in the car. You said you did the best you could.



Here is what our tree looks  like this year.....we usually have a star on top that lights up.....but the star's bulbs are not working and I do not have a ladder to get to the top of the tree anymore either as you can tell the ornaments get skimpy at the top as well as the lights!  I MUST get a ladder!  We have BUBBLE lights on the tree again this year.....


and at night....all aglow....


I LOVE to put icicles on the tree but with the does not always work out.  I will probably still put some up higher and here and just makes the tree look even more old-fashioned. 

Here are some up close shots of some of the ornaments....








I could go on and on.......we have so many ornaments on the tree.......but I am sure this took your computer awhile to load the way it is.

I love you Noah...I am tired......we will probably go see Grandpa L. tomorrow in the hospital. 

I love you...




Melissa said...

We thought about running over to Eaton, but instead we just drove around town last night since it was so warm outside, 55 degrees!

We ran over and saw Becky's Christmas tree too.

Your tree looks pretty like it always does.

Betsy said...

Wow...your tree is amazing! I love it! Nice job! I see several ornaments I'd like to take home with me! ;)

Tell Grandpa L to feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

your tree is pure fun. great pics.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

As usual, looks beautiful. So many ornaments.

KC's Blog said...

Your tree is gorgeous! I love the different ornaments.
Awesome photos Noah!

Osh said...

What a beautiful tree!