Friday, December 05, 2008

Dear is going pretty well.....we are slowly getting into our groove!

Sometimes it does not feel like we do all that much...and other days it seems we are doing a lot. I imagine things will all smooth out once we get more of a routine down. We have to be flexible however because of my work and a lot of time doing school work will depend on my work flow.

We went to see grandma C. last night. Sure was cold outside! You were so wound up.....I mean OVER the top and required a lot of sensory INPUT to keep you grounded. So you did a lot of body slamming onto the sofa and pillows and crashing onto the floor and you were having a good ole' time but about energy overload!

This was followed by lots of sounds once you got home. You also had a very difficult time sitting for school work yesterday. EVEN on the bouncy ball as a seat. SO I seriously need to give you MORE sensory stimulation throughout the day.

There are a LOT of Christmas activities in our community and tonight we may go to Shawnee Prairie Reserve for a luminary walk in the preserve for Christmas that leads back to the log cabin where we can learn about the early pioneers (which is one of your spelling words this week by the way) and they will serve hot cocoa and snacks. It might be fun! BUT it has been so cold so we will have to really bundle up tight!

MANY more holiday events.....some drive through...others walking. We are starting to enjoy the holiday season. Hopefully we can get the tree up this weekend too! WILL receive speech therapy AND occupational therapy right here in our town via the school which is GREAT news! I was hoping it would be some place local and it is!

OKAY....I need to finish up here.....I love you lots! You also have been telling me you want to have your birthday party at Burger King.......not sure about that one.....I will have to think about it!



kristi said...

I am glad to hear school if off to a good start!

Audrey said...

I am really glad that Noah is doing well in school.

love you,

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

That's so great that Noah will be able to continue to receive speech and OT locally. I'm happy for you that things are going well! Take care.