Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dear Noah.......we went to see Grandpa L Monday in the hospital....

You did well while there....drawing on your Doodle Pad until you finally reached your limit. You wanted to stop by to see Grandma L and aunt Melissa and cousin Audrey on the way home after picking up your staple of Domino's Pizza first. We had a nice visit with everyone and you still also managed to get some school work accomplished before we left.

I talked with your intervention specialist on the phone today for 30 minutes. The school stuff is slowly but surely falling into place more and more as time goes on.

Last night you were late getting to bed again......and you started to say something to me about how I should have autism like you....because then I would be your father.....and I was confused about what you were saying and why.....and when I asked you....you could not explain it. There are times you will choose and use an improper word or terms to mean something entirely different than their understood meaning. SO I think this is an example of that......"father" I am sure in your mind means a bigger version of you or LIKE YOU.....or something to that effect.... I think I get it...and I can see where that analogy would be difficult to explain.

BUT we have a lot of school work cut out for us this week. I am also going to have you continue on with a few things over Christmas break....nothing major...but try to continue to get ahead on some things while we have time.

Monday you did not wake up until 11:15. I finally had to go in and check to see if you were breathing.

I wonder if that ever stops......

I love you.......my stinky little man. Tomorrow we must bathe you and wash your hair! NO more excuses!



Betsy said...

"checking to see if you were breathing"....oh my...I don't think that will ever stop! :) It's not as panicky as when they were infants, but you do still check when the sleeping continues past the routine!

Wanda said...

The drawing is wonderful....

Thinking of you often.