Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dear Noah.....your teacher called today.......

to introduce herself to me and get to know you better. Mondays we will get a phone call from your intervention specialist teacher and then we will all meet after those calls on CLASS online classroom type of arrangement where we keep up to date on things and go over concerns and they can even talk to you in person over the computer.

We ran some errands today and our grain/animal feed drive-thru had SANTA inside an area where you could get your picture taken for FREE with Santa but you immediately hid behind your coat and underneath your hat begging me to not make you do it. You started to cry and everything.....wanted NOTHING to do with Santa and having your picture taken.

At grandma C.'s house last night you all of a sudden shouted to me "MOM, I found a sample of ABSTRACT ART COME HERE AND SEE!" and sure enough, around the corner on the wall was a quilt square that had been framed....and according to your art lessons in school this past week..that would indeed be an example of ABSTRACT art! SO if I ever think you are not learning or paying attention in school here at home....moments like that make me realize you are!

Your mouth is sore again. You have been getting a lot of sores inside your lip on the bottom....which makes it even harder for you to brush those front teeth upper and lowers to keep them clean. I tell you to get more rest...and take your vitamins......drink lots of water.....but it does not always work out that way.

Your grandpa L was taken back to the hospital we will be saying a special prayer for him.

I am so tired tonight I can barely see to type more later.

I love you!



Melissa said...

Audrey's only had one picture taken with Santa, that was her first Christmas. She freaks out too when she sees him at the mall. Maybe she's worried she'll be on the 'naughty' list! hahaha

I'm happy to hear everything is working out with the new school. I wish I could do something like that for Audrey, only because schools waste so much time during the day, and kids can be just so mean to one another. Drama, drama, drama, she's already experiencing that with mean old substitutes!

Love you guys....

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I think most kids feel about Santa the way most kids feel about clowns, they want to stay the heck away from them. Last year I had to run out to our feed and grain and I didn't know Santa was in there, I knew who was playing him, so Earl and the lady that works with the two men, said, go ahead Mrs. Lincoln, set on Santa's knee and give the picture to Abe. I said no thanks, don't want to blow Santa's knee caps off. Apparently people brought in their dogs, cats and I think she said one person brought in their pony. Tired, going to take my evening pills and put on my night gown. Love you both.

Betsy said...

Sorry about your dad being back in the hospital!

I'm so impressed that Noah found some abstract art out the classroom and on his own! Way to go!

Have you ever tried Lysine for his sores in his mouth? This sounds a lot like my Harry and Lysine really helped. It's a supplement...all natural, etc.

Melinda said...

Betsy...I take L-Lysine all the time but I don't think they make a chewable form for a child do they? Noah cannot swallow pills and has to have flavored chewables or liquid if he does take anything

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

That's so great that Noah recognized abstract art after learning about it! It's always so affirming when they remember and apply things that they've learned.