Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Noah.......your list for Santa.....

only has 2 things on it....(2 video games to replace the same ones that shattered in your hard drive in the past).

You originally wanted elevator door control panels.....(which I did try to find some discarded ones for you) but to no avail. I wish I could find that for you as you would have a blast playing with that for hours on end. If you could have doors too that would be even better! I wish I had a way to MAKE some, maybe out of wood....little elevator doors to play with.....with a fake control panel with buttons. I may have to think about that still while you are asleep. Maybe I can figure out something....even if I have to do it out of cardboard! I think I have a way I could do it. You also had on your list I think a replacement camera like your old one...and now I seem to have misplaced that list so I cannot remember for sure what was on there but it was not much. You made things even simpler now with only listing 2 items for Santa. We will drop your note off to him at the mailbox today.

Otherwise the season is going along.....your school work is going pretty well....and next week is the last week before winter break already!

You started occupational therapy Monday and here it is the same therapist you had in the local public school and I was excited to see they will also address some of your sensory issues. ONCE in the OT room for kids in the basement it reminded me all over again of another reason I would like for us to get a bigger house ...hopefully one with a I could create a room like that for you to use at home! ONE with the pulleys and swings and things to climb and spin on and crash on. You need that.....especially the swing......the type that can do more than just swing.

I am going to be done with work early again today. In fact I ran out of work and since I won't be able to keep the pace I had started out with....where I could have done about double what I normally do....I will now have to settle for at least the minimum.....and have to wait on that to roll in.

The other night I think you had an episode of sleepwalking or a night terror...I think more a night you had no recollection of the event the next day....were not totally awake when you came out from your bedroom at 12:30 a.m. You came out with your hand to your mouth and crying and I thought you had to vomit. I was asking you what was wrong and you said you were not sick but just wanted to tell me something. BUT then seemed to not be able to remember what it was....walked back to your room.....laid down and was out! Now you did not scream like most kids do with night terrors...but you were visibly upset...very much so, about something.

I decided you needed a hair I got the clippers out and trimmed your hair up. You are adorable. I will have to post a picture later as you are still sleeping!

I love you Noah!


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Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah, glad to hear the schooling is going along smoothly. Hope you and Mommy can find a house with a nice dry basement where you could put up some swings and pulleys to play on. I'm going to be calling Grandma C in a few minutes. Hope you and Mommy have a good evening. Audrey has bath time tonight. She's glad tomorrow is Friday. Audrey and her Mom are going to a Christmas Program with some friends from church. And then Sunday Audrey is going to her Grandma G's house to celebrate Christmas with her cousins and her other family. Love you little fellow. Give Mommy a big kiss and tell her it's from Grandma. Love you to the moon and back, Grandma