Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dear Noah.....our furnace went out last night!

This is NOT our furnace but ours does not look much better....and this is what they attached (RIGGED) up a brand new central AC unit to when I moved in. I was worried then as we had wires out that to me should not look like they were house is still using FUSES!!!!!! and they rigged crap up in the who knows what is wrong. I am not sure why I am thinking it might be something really the house needs all new wiring or something......then what would we do??????)

ACTUALLY I did take the front plate of the furnace and saw a wire had melted and burned off the electronic plate that is probably the problem. I WORRY and wonder WHY the wire MELTED and burned off.....that does NOT make me feel safe at all. No wonder I have felt like putting everything into a storage locker recently...maybe there is a reason??? Maybe I know something will happen I don't really yet know will know? (lots of you knows there)

Yesterday I smelled something in the early morning hours.....smelled like melted plastic. I was worried my computer was going out or my Christmas tree lights had something wrong with it. It smelled pretty strong for awhile and then slowly faded. Everything worked well after that.

This morning I get up....and it is already only 65 degrees in the house. The furnace is out. THIS means I will have to call our landlord.......who is currently in FLORIDA..........over 1200 miles away....and see if he can hopefully get someone out here ASAP today.

WHICH also means I need to hide OPIE in my truck in the garage the entire time someone is here I am not allowed to have a cat.

WHICH means I also may not be able to work this day once they do show THIS room I work in is currently a mess.......much more like a disorganized storage room than an office/craft/school/misc room......with all these boxes and crap piled around. WHICH I was going to work on later today finally.

WHICH also means I will need to sweep the floor and clean the place up just a little before anyone comes....

which means today is going to be a hectic weird day.....and I have no idea if we will get heat back on later or not.

which means the landlord takes a chance with the pipes freezing under the house......

which means only more of a possible mess.....

which means I better take Excedrin Migraine pills now! (just kidding...though it may be a good idea).

BUT I am THANKFUL it is not MY house now as I DO NOT have to PAY for someone to come here to fix I DO NOT have the money now for anything like that......and I DO NOT have room on all my charge cards to go into even more debt to charge an after hours furnace repair bill .......I am thankful it is not my PC.....I am thankful it is not bad wiring or electrical issues for the tree......I AM SO THANKFUL.

I hope the landlord will feel as thankful and not raise my rent even more.

I need to plan on moving somewhere cheaper by next June anyway......

more money needed for that.......

God will provide......even though I have no idea how.

SO Mr. will have to dress warm in the house today!

I love you. I had a sleepover in YOUR room and it was very nice and cozy and warm in there!


UPDATE: I just ordered a few heater fans and a ceramic heater from Lowes we will pick up this morning. Hopefully I can still contact the landlord and he can get someone over here today! It is now down to 63 degrees inside....and while we like it chillier than most in the house....that is getting nippy in the winter when it is only like 23 degrees outside! I need to put some gloves on to type today for work I think as my hands are very cold!


kristi said...

Our house is only 3 years old but our pump for our septic went out last year....they guy that put it in was not very dependable, I guess. We have since found a new serviceman but he fixed it without telling us how much it would cost and we have had to pay it out. Luckily I just made the last payment. Being a homeowner is not easy!

Hope you get warm soon!

Anonymous said...

Our heater is on the fritz too! I keep hoping it will make it a couple more weeks . . . hope yours is fixed soon!

Seeking Simplicity said...

so did they fix your heater?

Old Lady Lincoln said...

So glad it's fixed and hope it doesn't cause anymore problems.