Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dear Noah.....Juicy Juice PRODUCT OF CHINA???????

You came out last night crying with your Juicy Juice box saying "Mom I won't be able to drink this anymore because even it says it is a product of China!" YES.....we watch and read our labels carefully and are very careful to avoid all foods produced and made in China.

However.....Juicy Juice packages their BOXED juices in packs of 8 with a cardboard wrapper around the part that says PRODUCT OF CHINA so when purchasing an 8-box pack of juice you cannot see that statement!

See it at the lower right corner of the box backside?

You told me it used to say PRODUCT OF ARGENTINA and I have to question the safety of even that.

I am SO ticked off. I cannot believe Juicy Juice is getting apples or juice concentrate perhaps from CHINA and passing it off to consumers here in the states. I am going to check Minute Maid because you also like that brand....and we will STOP buying Juicy Juice and drinking it forever (although you were very upset about this and crying because as you said "I love it!").

They market this to kids on PBS shows all the it is 100% real JUICE!....blah, blah, blah.......and HIDE the fact that it is a PRODUCT OF CHINA!

I did some searching online and found this about it.....and some have written to Nestle's and here is what was said about it:

Apples can be a tricky thing if they are sprayed and who knows what the Chinese are spraying their apples with. It could be nothing, but who knows, since China can't even admit that there are problems once they are discovered in other products. Then there is a very simple issue that chemicals banned in the US are being used in China.

The risk for Juicy Juice is great, since "NESTLÉ JUICY JUICE products are 100% juice. They contain only natural sugars (fructose) in the fruit juice concentrates used." As it is, we are not buying any more Juicy Juice and will be sure to check our food products more often.

I did not find much searching Juicy Juice's site or the internet about this, but I did find the following comment posted at Amazon:

Product of China?, June 9, 2007 - I bought some juicy juice from Target recently. It had "Product of China" on the package. I won't take the risk of giving Juicy Juice to my children let alone given all the recent problems coming out of China involving poisened pet food, toothpaste, etc. Why take the risk? People from China living in the U.S. would rather not eat or drink anything from China. Take it from me - I am Chinese and all of my Chinese friends say the same thing. - Amazon

Juicy juice is a product for kids. I don't see too many parents getting excited over giving their kids juice from China when there are many other non-China options available.

HERE was a response From Nestle to another consumer's complaint about the same:

I complained about my Juicy Juice Apple Juice coming from China earlier this month at "Juicy Juice - Now From China". At the same time I did send an email to Nestle complaining about where they sourced their apple juice, explaining my concerns. The next day I received the following reply:

Dear Mr. Fry,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Nestlé® Juicy Juice® regarding to inform us you will no longer buy our beverage because it is a product of China. We welcome questions and comments from loyal consumers and appreciate this opportunity to assist you.

The juice itself is processed here in the United States. The apples come from China, which provides over 50% of the apple juice used in the United States. Nestlé is one of the world's largest buyers of apple juice and works with the largest facilities in China. We understand that you question the safety of the product, despite our supervision, but do please be aware that we have long-term relationships with these facilities in China and have established high standards for the apple juice supplied. [Is it juice or apples they are getting from China?] Our quality managers audit these facilities to ensure that they meet our high standards. Nestlé tests every lot of apple juice for both authenticity and compliance to our standards. Product quality is our number one priority and we will continue to follow this issue closely.

We would like to assure you that we have reported your comments to our Marketing department. We are committed to providing you with products that live up to your high standards for taste, quality, nutrition and enjoyment - in short, "the very best."

We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you will visit our website often for the latest information on our products and promotions.

Consumer Response Representative

Ref: N********

I AM SO TIRED of accepting CRAP from CHINA. ESPECIALLY when it comes to FOOD products and toys given to our KIDS who get sick or worse from exposure to these same products. MOST harmful products from CHINA all seem to be geared towards our kids! AND PETs....CONSUMERS in general.....

WHY DO WE CONTINUE to sit back and accept this crap? CHINA does NOT regulate their foods like we do (and that is not always saying much even for us).....but I would trust US food products more any day than food items coming out of China. ESPECIALLY ones I would give to my child.

I have felt we needed to BAN crap from CHINA for a long time now. I STILL feel that way....even more so now than before. The US has plenty of apples to make is all about the almighty buck and big companies making even more profits from buying and using cheap CRAP from CHINA. AT the cost of our kids' lives and health? It is not worth it.

I am taking my Juicy Juice BACK to the store.....I will be checking all our juice bottles and foods more thoroughly than before to make sure it does not say anything about being connected to CHINA in any way or I will refuse to buy it.

I am concerned however....that we all better have a small lot of land somewhere to produce our own veggies and fruits because it could be one day when we go to the store our only choices will be crap from China.

Do you check your labels? Do you even care? You should.

Nestle also makes MILK CHOCOLATE.....which takes MILK. So far MOST labels I have seen about their chocolate do not connect it in any way to CHINA. However.....if it does eventually fess up.....think of the products this could affect that you might use on a daily basis? Like prepackaged hot chocolates? POWDERED milk connected with CHINA is a big no no....unless you like playing Russian Roulette with melamine and lead and who knows what other chemicals and crap.

Remember even DOG AND CAT foods were affected.......killing many people's pets here in the US before our government realized it was "tainted" with crap that was poisonous. ALL FROM CHINA.

Sorry Noah......You won't be drinking any more Juicy Juice.

I love you too much to take that chance.



XIAN, China — This is where much of America's apple juice now comes from — the outskirts of historic Xian, where the orchards stretch for miles and miles. Apples are so plentiful here that they are often left to rot in the fields. They are scattered on the ground in old farming villages and pitched against walls by playful little boys like red and gold baseballs.

There are so many apples in China — which over the last two decades turned itself into the world's biggest apple grower — that the world price for apple juice concentrate has been depressed for nearly five years. Apple juice makers in the United States purchase more of China's cheap concentrate every year — though they do not like to talk about it — and every year American apple growers complain of devastating losses. - Export Apple of China's Eye Is, er, Apples - NY Times Article, April 2003 / Posted at

Here is this news item concerning Chinese products that have failed inspection:

The Government said, for instance, that canned and preserved fruit and dried fish contained excessive bacteria; that 20 per cent of fruit and vegetable juice was substandard, and that some children's products were defective or laced with harmful chemicals. - The Age, Australia

AND MORE....can you avoid products Made in you know what food products you might be buying at the store that were made in China or elsewhere. DO you know the rules on what the US has to do in regards to marking items with that information for the consumer? READ this disturbing news:

The United States requires labels on seafood to mark where it came from. However, that's the exception. With most foods, companies are not required to label where ingredients come from, only where the food was packaged or processed.

That means it is possible a frozen dinner, for example, could have 20 different ingredients from 20 different countries, food analysts say.

Michael Doyle, the director of the Center for Food Safety at the University of Georgia, says the pet food recall earlier this year from a tainted Chinese ingredient, followed by the seafood ban, has brought renewed attention to "our potential issues with our food safety regarding Chinese imported foods." Watch strapped FDA only inspects 1 percent of incoming goods Video

"The Chinese have a long way to go to bring their standards up to ours," he says.

Doyle says it's incumbent upon food companies in the United States that bring food from China to be more vigilant about inspecting the products they bring in to "ensure that their foods are safe."

Some of the food products that come from China may surprise you. Take an American staple like apple juice. The USDA says 50 percent of the apple juice imported in the United States today comes from China. That's an estimated 161,000 tons of apple juice compared to the 110,000 tons produced in the United States, according to the USDA.

Garlic and pine nuts are also big exports. So are instant coffee and dried berries like the ones found in breakfast cereal.

So, can you avoid eating foods with products from China?

Experts say that is pretty much impossible. You can lower your chances of eating foods with Chinese products by staying away from all processed foods and eating fresh "whole foods," such as fruits and vegetables. Many grocery stores are beginning to label where their fruits and vegetables are grown.

Eden Foods, a provider of organic food in the United States, says the number of calls from customers asking for country of origin information has doubled in the past few months. Tonya Martin, a spokeswoman for Eden Foods, says the company foresees a day when it will change labels to indicate where each ingredient in a product comes from.






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