Friday, November 28, 2008

Dear had a nice Thanksgiving Day....

We had a very nice dinner with the family (you had warmed up Domino's Pizza....nothing else).  You really enjoyed playing with your cousin Audrey!


Later in the afternoon we decided to go see your grandpa L in the Audrey and her mom rode down with us too!


Your grandpa was really happy someone came to visit him on Thanksgiving Day! 

I did notice before the day was over you started to get that glazed look you get when you are over is like you are there.....yet not.



can anyone else notice it?  You seem distant.....eyes look odd.....very tired.....serious......almost like your head hurts.....


not really alert or present in the moment.....


you laid on the floor in this position and interacted with the cat for awhile....



We had a good did very well and I don't believe you had any "moments".....though at the end of the day you did not want to go home.  That is understandable. 


Monday you will resume school......and we are both excited about that!

I love you Noah......hoping today you won't have too much of a walking zombie recovery day.....but if you need need it and take it.





kristi said...

Glad the day went well...TC ate cheetos at his Grandma's. That is it!

He did well but when we got home his cousin tried to take one of his toys from him and he got a little upset.

Melissa said...

He does have a glazed over look, almost like he is in pain. I hope he's okay today and not too much of a zombie.

We just dropped Mom off at the hospital this morning and visited for a few minutes with Dad. I see you updated your blog, so that's a good thing. Love you!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Glad you all had a nice time and also a nice visit with your Dad/Grandpa L. I was down there most of the day today. He's looking a lot better. He does have either a kidney or bladder infection, which they say can happen after having a catheter removed. They also connected some kind of a smaller thing to the end of the tube in his chest wall, so he can get up easier and start walking more. And they are giving him some different drug in his breathing therapy sessions, this doesn't seem to affect the heart and the heart rate like the other did. More later.

motherofanothernoah said...


I think he's just spacing out, I do it all the time seriously. I have sensory issues and alot of my sensory stuff is under reactive, and I get spacey like that all the time. It's a relaxed feeling for me. Ask him when he gets like that is he in pain or is he really relaxed and zoned out, like meditation.

Melinda said...

Noah was not just spacing out. He has done this ever since he was little. When he gets too over stimulated.....after a period of time.....he then becomes a walking zombie.....his eyes get glassy....and he is not quite there anymore. Sometimes he can remain like that for hours......and sometimes it takes him days to recover......but he always comes back to his normal self again eventually.

Melinda said...

I am not worried about him being in pain. I know he is not in pain and he did not have any headache or anything like that. His glassy-eyed look and different demeanor has continued on into today....which is not uncommon after a big event like a holiday get together.

Osh said...

Evan's ears turn bright red along with the glazed eyes...I always know that when the ears go red I am in for the long haul and so is Evan. I start praying.

Hope your dad is doing well and that you had a nice Thanksgiving!