Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dear Noah.....our trip to Bears Mill's Christmas Open House....and the LEG LAMP!

Bears Mill Christmas Open House

Last night we decided to take a trip to Bears Mill's Christmas Open House to participate in their lighted luminary walk through the woods to a bonfire. It was so cold outside but we went anyway....and it was a perfect night! The luminaries were so beautiful....the water by the mill was almost completely frozen over...and under the moonlit glow everything looked and felt misty and gray. 

The luminaries lit the paths we walked...which were many.....



As we walked along....steam escaped from our mouths every time we spoke and rose in small clouds all around was very misty out.....yet beautiful.....



We soon reached the bonfire....where people were roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the open fire.....and drinking hot chocolate.  This was the FIRST TIME you have ever seen a bonfire up close and personal....and you soon found an empty hay bale to sit on and watch.  You took your gloves off and held your hands outstretched to the flickering flames of the fire to warm them....


We had a very enjoyable night.  On the way home we decided to drive around and look at Christmas lights on people's houses....and guess what we found???  YES....a house with the LEG LAMP straight out of the movie "A Christmas Story!"


yes....what's that in the window???


could it really be?  In this gorgeous NEW huge home with a GIANT tree?


Could it possibly be a tacky leg lamp.....sitting in the FRONT window?? hee hee

P1140416 all it's blazing glory for all the world to see.......


We had a very good time last night.  It is snowing today and super cold ...tonight is the walk at Shawnee Prairie to the log home....if weather permits we will head out there for that too!

One week of school down.....officially.....and you did pretty well. 

I love you Noah....OH.....last night you wanted to sleep in my room.  About 3:30 a.m. this morning I awoke to find you completely sideways in the bed with your legs across my chest.....and I figured maybe you got turned around and had fallen asleep like that.  Soon you sat up and was looking all I DID believe you had fallen asleep like that.  BUT you started to cry.....and then told me.....I HAD BEEN SNORING!!!  YOU thought if you draped your legs across my chest it would stop me from snoring.  Well I suppose ultimately it could.....via stopping me from breathing!  It never (and never has since you have been alive) occurred to wake me up by touching my arm or SPEAKING WORDS to me like  "Mom!"...."Wake up you're snoring!"  ....shaking my arm or something like that the entire time.  You have always been this way.  If you ever need anything in the middle of the night you never come and wake me up....I just feel a presence in the room and awaken to find you standing beside me and my words......just waiting for me to wake up on my own.  Once when very little you finally sat down and started to doze off waiting for me to wake up.....

WHICH I always do pretty quickly...since I am used to you and sleep light around  you.  I DO NOT snore however except apparently when I flip onto my back which is something I do not ever seem to do unless  you are in my bed......hum.......I think I am too busy getting you back on YOUR side and then I fall asleep mid turn back or something.  I  guess my "snoring" scares you.  We made fun of it today and hopefully next time,  if there is can get me to wake up and stop snoring!

I love you lots Noah!




Melissa said...

Pretty photos, and it looks like fun. The leg lamp is so funny!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks like you had fun, but man oh man it was cold last night. Hope you were bundled up good, with a scarf around your mouth and nose to breath in your own warm air. I guess Becky and Margaret were out shopping and they called to say they're on their way home, and we aren't going to the Christmas Concert because it is just too slick out there and no salt trucks in sight. I told Audrey we'll all play a game of Yahtzee later this afternoon. By all I mean Audrey, her Mom and me.

Yes tell Noah to just touch your arm, you'll wake up. Maybe sleeping on a higher pillow would help.

If you do venture out tonight be careful. It's really slick down here and for Becky and Margaret to say that, I know it has to be. LOL

Love you both.

Audrey said...

Wow could it be yes it is a leg lamp. That movie was so funny.

Osh said...

Those leg lamps are Fra-gil-e you know! Great pictures, glad you both had a fun time!

I wake my husband up when he snores, I punch him. Noah is much nicer than I am.

Betsy said...

Bonfires are fascinating! I bet Noah loved looking at the colors of the flames and hearing the crackling. I love it. The house is beautiful in the first picture!
The leg lamp is pretty funny! I've never seen one!

My boys are the same way about never calling out when they need me. They will gesture or just wait until someone sees they need something. Kinda funny. I just had to crack up that he thought he'd lay his legs over you to make you stop snoring. So funny!

Tanya @ said...

How funny that you found a leg lamp in the front window like that! And the luminary walk looks really beautiful. 'Tis the season!