Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dear had a nice Christmas......

and one of the presents I got for you that you your GYM SPIN!  You have spent a lot of time on it.....spinning.....sometimes fast......sometimes slow.  You told me you love it. We took it along with us on Christmas day to grandma's house and I know it helped you remain intact and not get too overloaded as the day's events unfolded.  You would periodically go off to the other room where we had it set up and you would spin awhile.....and then come back and remain "fine."

It is one of the best investments I have ever made for you as far as a gift goes. 

Here you are spinning.....





you use your body in different positions to make it continue to fast or slow as you want.  You can lie down on it.....on your stomach or back....and go super slow......anything you want.  For anyone with a child needing vestibular input and with sensory issues....or know many times those children need to "spin" in order to meet their needs.  This gadget is wonderful for that.  If you want more information on them please check out their web site at:

check under SENSORY INTEGRATION and WEIGHTED ITEMs.. then click on SPINNING.  

It is a great site and has MANY helpful tools one can purchase to help your child extends Noah's occupational therapy into home now as while this is also fun for is similar to things he also uses in occupational therapy.

Here you are testing out your 40 inch mini tramp......which I also got you as you love to jump on them.....again extending your OT time into home ......


you got many many wonderful presents from your aunties and grandparents and well as gift cards, cash and more.  You had a good Christmas this year....

your birthday is tomorrow.  I cannot believe you will be 10 years old already!


I love you!




Betsy said...

What a neat gift! Our boys had something similar when they were just toddlers. I wonder if they make one big enough for an adult? I'll go check out the website!

And happy birthday tomorrow to Noah! You almost had a Christmas baby, huh! :)

Wanda said...

What a super fun gift....wish I could take a spin with you Noah.

And I like that trampoline, I used to have one like that.

Happy Birthday Mr. 10 years OLD!!!


Osh said...

What wonderful gifts! And Happy Birthday Noah!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Noah, Happy Birthday to you, and many more.