Thursday, June 21, 2007

through the fence...

Through the fence you look at me

Playing games and pretending to see

Things in the sky and under the trees

A tree that sometimes is filled with bees

Through the fence we meet to play

It's where we like to spend the day

Making tents though they may sway

Somehow we know it'll be okay

Through the fence I scoot up close

Sharing stories and wiggling toes

Licking Popsicles that touch our nose

Sometimes still out till the firefly glows

Through the fence I look for you

Calling your name till my lips turn blue

Wanting to show you something I drew

Feeling so lonely when you miss your cue

Through the fence reflects how it's been

Me on one side you watching me spin

Sometimes wishing I could touch your skin

And sometimes not wanting to let you in

Through the fence keeps us divided

Making everything seem so one-sided

And though we have things carefully provided

I sometimes wish it was all less-guided

Through the fence we share our drinks

Our hopes and dreams the things we think

Fingers reaching between the links

Wishing somehow we could remove the chinks

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring


Grandma said...

That's a beautiful poem, a little sad, but still a beautiful poem.

Love you both. Will call you later to find out about your doctor's visit.

Love you both,

Keith said...

Well done. Well Stated: