Saturday, June 16, 2007


I decided to move Noah's pool since he has not gone swimming in it since last Sunday. I originally was going to drain and move it every 2-3 days. I should have stuck to my original plans. I drained it through the night so by today it was ready to flip over and move. WHEN I did......oh my my my!

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The smell underneath the pool smelled just like a stable full of wet straw with a dab of manure mixed in! We now smell like we live on a farm in the backyard......when the breeze kicks up over that area......I feel like I stepped right out onto Green Acres!

I got the hose out...cleaned the pool out and off and placed that into the sun to dry. THEN I hosed the entire grassy area off......hoping it would dilute the simmering stew somewhat......and now the sun is baking it dry. We have had NO RAIN for so long.....we are officially in a drought now I believe. EVERYONE's grass is yellow and dead/dormant. The only thing still growing are weeds and clover. I would feel silly running my mower just to mow down the clover!

Noah wanted to play with the girls next I made tents for them between the fence with blankets and chairs. They laid down on sleeping bags and for 3-4 hours...they basically laid their like exhausted slugs....sucking down Popsicles as fast as I could carry them out to them...their little cheeks red with heat. THEY ALL looked like they could have a heat stroke!

They are all in now taking a break. I left the tents out there for now....maybe they will play in them again later tonight. is actually nice outside even if a bit warm.....because we have NO humidity......

now if I could decrease the funky barnyard smell a tad from the yard. I certainly don't want to sit outside and then go to a store and smell like a combination of manure and wet hay!

Noah took his Peanuts books out to his homemade tent to read early this evening.

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Melissa said...

Oh yuck!! I bet that smell is terrible! I know my grass is brown and basically dead looking. I haven't heard anyone mowing for a couple of weeks now. See you guys tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Molding, green stuff and who knows what kind of bugs were cooked under the pool. Glad it will go away.

Patty said...

Hope you got some of the LITTLE rain we got this afternoon. If so, perhaps that will help wash away the smell, or make it worse. Hopefully it will go away soon. And Mommy (Melinda) thank you so much for decorating the cake, it looked very nice. You still have the touch. Love you both.

Patty said...

P.S. Love you two