Friday, June 29, 2007

Dear Noah...

The neighbor girl forgave you and became your friend again after you apologized for yelling at her 2 days ago. Two days ago she showed you a toy she said she won at Kings Island...which upset you...because you did not want her to have this toy...or to have won it.....and you wanted one. We had gone to Kings Island just last week and you never said you wanted to try to win any toy...even when I asked you.

ANYWAY......after the little "moment" 2 days ago I made you come in.....and we talked about what you did you handled it would make you feel if someone did the same thing to you.....and it was like a "lightbulb" clicked on inside your head. You got it. I told you that night it would be nice if you apologized for your behavior to the little girl the next time you saw her.

It then rained for 2 days.

Today was a gorgeous day. You got to go outside and play with the "girls!" You came in all happy and announced that B. decided to take you back as a friend "once I apologized for yelling at her 2 days ago."

MILESTONE for you! You are starting to get very good at this and it is coming more naturally for you without prompting which is what we want!

We made more gingerbread cookies are some of them:

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I love you!



KC's Blog said...

Way to go Noah! Gosh is this kid ever so inspiring or what? He has an awesome Mommy, Noah is an awesome kiddo! Happy tears for Noah!

Melinda said...

thanks for the very encouraging feedback!

Melissa said...

That's such a great job Noah! It's always hard to say you're sorry, but it sounds like you did it no problem. I'm proud of you and of your Mom both!

By the way, those cookies look really yummy!