Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dear Noah...

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Yesterday you played outside all day with the 2 girls next door. You all stayed up late and were outside last night till 9:45 p.m. chasing fireflies. Yes....fireflies are out and you were all so excited!

THEN to top off your perfect came in with a huge smile on your face saying "Jennifer said I love you to me tonight and Emma kissed me!"

I asked if you told her I love you back and you said no, you would tell her tomorrow.

You were beaming because you said this was the FIRST TIME she had ever said I love you to you. You are all so cute together. Love is a powerful thing. I hope and pray you will never be afraid of it. Take the chance. GO FOR is way too short not to.

The other morning before your visit to the Children's Medical Center I told you the night before that appointment I would wake you up in time to get ready to go. The next day I woke you up and you so sweetly THANKED me for REMINDING you of your appointment and getting you up on time. This reminded me of how you always seem to wake up very HAPPY in a good mood and ready to begin the day. I cannot recall a time even as a baby and toddler when you woke up angry or in a bad mood. You are always happy and wake up smiling and usually come out and hug me and tell me good morning and that you love me. I am thankful for that and I pray that ALL your mornings will continue to be that way for you....for your entire life. You are such a sweet, loving, polite little boy.

I love you very much Noah Wesley...always will. Forever.



Daddy said...

I, too, remember how wonderful you are in the mornings. I definite morning person that is for sure. I am a bit like that as well. I usually get up and am ready for the day early.

Love you dearl,

Patty said...

I didn't think these came out till around the end of June first of July. Haven't seen any down here yet.
Love, Grandma