Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dear Noah...

I finally talked to the woman at the school. It all sounds very promising.....so hopefully this coming fall will be the year.....for some good successes for you! The school you would be attending is the one she would recommend for someone like you. They have a lot of interesting programs that I think you would like......one being a woman brings in dogs as reading buddies for reading time....and you get to sit with a dog and read. I think you would like that.

It sounds like they are equipped to handle all your needs....or can be. They have restructured the schools too so you will be getting some of the very best. One teacher actually has an 8-year-old autistic son herself. SO......she is very understanding of your needs.

Anyway......we will find out more later. We need to get you enrolled...and review this summer before August rolls around and you are tested. That will be pretty involved it sounds like and many will need to participate. THEN we would have to draw up an IEP for you.......and get all your needs met. BUT so far it sounds pretty promising.

You have been pretty worn out the last couple of days since your big swim on Sunday. You found out your grandma C. went home today......so you would like to visit her at her house tomorrow!

Sweet dreams my little man....I love you lots!



Melissa said...

School sounds like it will be a lot of fun with reading buddies like dogs! That will be a great time, and I think Noah will do just fine in school. He's such a smart little boy.

Mom/Grandma L. said...

Everything sounds great. Hope all goes well with your testing.

We got Mom/Grandma home yesterday by about 11am. Then we took all of the medicines they sent home with her, and opened each little packet and put into her pill keeper, the ones that she doesn't normally take, we labeled so she would know what they are for. I told her to check with her family doctor about taking the iron supplements, now that she's home. See you on Sunday.
Love you both,
Grandma L.