Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dear Noah...

You have talked about school quite a few times since our visit to them the other day. You cannot get out and play with the neighbor girls enough. Tonight when you found out cousin Audrey might come to visit and play with you this weekend you were thrilled.

It is funny because once you found out her daddy was not going to be coming to see her for a month you wanted her to come spend the entire month! AND SO DID SHE! That would be a blast...BUT her mommy would miss her a lot and I imagine she would miss her mommy!

SO she will have to pop over a lot for visits and cook outs and swimming! We can take her with us to the Drive-In....there are many things we can all do together.

I am thankful to God you are finally seeming very ready to get out into the world and explore it! To NOT be afraid. To try new things. THIS IS A VERY GOOD THING! You have always been such a loving gentle child. You are so friendly and seem to love ANYONE. That is good and bad in this world we live in today...because you sometimes have to be very careful. But I am thankful you are filled with love and acceptance to give to others. It is what makes you such a special little man.

AND I just realized ....I guess it was ME who was afraid to LET you explore the world more on your own unsupervised....you never had any problems with it. Not even as a toddler. I was the one who was hesitant and cautious. I am trying to NOT be afraid now....so you are free to spread those little wings and start flying!

I love you to the moon and back again!



Patty said...

Sounds like the little man is ready to try his wings. That alone is a giant step for both of you. Him wanting to will make it so much easier for you both. Hang in there, he'll manage just fine when the time comes.
Love you both.

Daddy said...

Wow Noah...You are progressing quite well. I know how much you love to be out....you mother and I will always be worried...but we also know...you have to go and learn and be with others....I love you dearly,