Monday, June 11, 2007

Dear Noah...

Today you were pretty exhausted from swimming all day yesterday but you did get in the pool again. Of course I am sure it is much more fun playing in the pool with someone than by yourself. You were very subdued and quiet......but I think you were also just worn out from yesterday.

The water was quite warm today though and felt like bath water. PERFECT....and another beautiful day!


if you watch the clip carefully......Noah sucks in some water after the first big splash....and sits in the pool a few minutes....but soon recovers and gets up to go at it again. He actually went UNDER the water a few times.....the first time scared him to death. I worked with him about holding your breath and it being OKAY to go under the water....and have water up your nose....etc.

He went under the water about 3-4 times yesterday....COMPLETELY.....and became very excited he could do it and was no longer afraid. I want to teach him to swim....because there are times he forgets you cannot just breathe under the water like you would out of the water. Overcoming his fear of being wet....on the huge......and he accomplished that in one afternoon.

I am proud of you Noah....and I love you very much!


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