Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dear Noah...

Lots of rain.......changed our plans for today which made you "sad and frustrated" you said......then "angry."

You did work through all those emotions pretty quickly and ended up okay in the long that is good.

Nothing new to tell tonight.

and I still love you.

mommy xoxoxox

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Patty said...

Good Morning Noah,

I enjoyed our phone conversation.

I did pop the pop corn and it was very good.

Believe it or not, it really looks like it's going to storm again this morning, if it does, I hope we get more rain that what we ended up getting last night. Mommy will have to get her wipers on the car fixed.

Well today Grandma C's company is suppose to be leaving early. In fact they may have already gone.

I guess Angela and Gary want to go see her on Sunday, unless they've changed their plans.

Well I have to get myself dressed and fix some breakfast for Grandpa and me. You have a good day.

Love you,