Saturday, June 09, 2007

Noah.....anticipating tomorrow

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Because his cousin Audrey and Aunt Melissa will be coming over to spend the day and Audrey will go swimming with him in his new pool...WHICH we are presently draining because it was sitting on a slight incline and seemed to sag too low on one side when I filled it with more water. I had no idea how many gallons of water were in that pool. I feel it was a waste of water and the water was PERFECT for swimming. Nice and warm.... is draining. Every so often I go out and dump more buckets out...I want to fill it back up tonight so it can warm before the sun goes down and in the morning before Audrey gets here. AND if it does the same thing again...oh well. They can still have fun swimming in it.


Keith said...

looking at the pictures Noah seems to have all his favorite water toyes in the pool with him,,,,that's nice to see.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed our visit with you yesterday. I know you will have fun tomorrow. Love you.

grandpa and grandma