Monday, June 04, 2007

Dear Noah...

Today was your first appointment at the Children's Medical Center. We got there in plenty of time but they have certainly changed things a LOT since I worked there 10 years ago! It is an amazing place and you and I had a great time looking at all the art work inside and out.....and just getting to know the place. It is obviously very KID friendly....which makes it a great place to go to if you have to.

You had your visit with the orthopaedic surgeon who was amazed at your extreme flexibility. He could not believe how extreme you can externally rotate your ankles and feet as well as your legs/knees and hips and even your wrists and fingers. He said your fallen arches/flat feet were really bad......and because of your low muscle tone and hyper-flexible just cannot support your ankles and stance like you should.

SO he is ordering some much needed physical therapy which I am thrilled that you will be receiving as this means we will be strengthening those muscles so you may not need orthotics forever! AND we will go to a new place for fitting you for new orthotics.......he does not think you will need anything clear up over your ankles anymore....just something down inside the shoe. There is also additional funding to pay for those if our insurance will not always cover it since you are growing so fast and can outgrow these before a year is up!

We also know where the dentist clinic and urology clinics are now in the hospital.

We passed an amazing play area off the cafeteria for kids to play outside. It was incredible! SO beautifully landscaped with cafe tables and benches set up.....and then an entire area of swings and slides and playground fun! You started to play and another little boy came out and played with you. You two had a ball! You did very very well today at your appointment, acting so much better than I have ever seen you act yet! I visited with the mother. I could not remember the last time I did something like that!

We stopped by to see Grandma C. at the rehab center again on the way back home. It was on the way and you wanted to go. While there a nurse's aid came in and told us a man was going to be coming in to play the banjo in the dining room area so if you got bored and wanted to walk down you could....and listen to him play. You were impressed she spoke to you and said "NOW she knows me!" and you walked with her down to the dining room area all by yourself. You then sat in the dining room area and listened to the man play the banjo and sing. I stayed and talked with grandma. I checked down the hall every so often and the nurse's aid was making sure you were okay too. You were very good and well behaved again and sat still for the banjo playing and conversed with the aid like a well-behaved child should. Very mature even! You were delighted to come back and tell me they were playing Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz on the banjo!

Next my cousin Debbie (a nurse there) popped in for a visit so she walked you back down to grandma C.'s room. We had a nice little visit with her too. Grandma got her lunch and it was not long before it was time to go.

We did some shopping and even stopped by K-Mart to pick you out some new undies and socks and sandals for summer and swimming trunks and the new swimming pool. You also picked out a new train set made by Lionel! You also picked out a very soft blue POODLE pillow for your bedroom.

We had a very busy day.

I have realized recently you are really starting to grow up! I often wondered if I would ever know a day when you would be more settled down and focused and listen better. You are really starting to do it now and with more ease each time!

I am proud of you. I love you immensely!

mommy xoxoxoxox

P.S. One hilarious thing happened today while you were at the orthopaedic doctor's office. He had just finished examining you......and you were sitting on the table and then stood up and started to unsnap your pants and say "Oh I guess it is time for this!" and proceeded to try to take your pants off thinking he was going to check your private area. I guess you got him confused with the urologist! I explained that this doctor was not there to check your penis or testicles...that was another appointment. You said "OH!" and snapped your pants back up.

In the tub last night you started to cry and said to me "I don't want the doctor to cut my testicles open and take the old ones out and put in new ones!"....mortified about that prospect. I have been trying to prepare you for your visit to the urologist, explaining they will want to check that area...and make sure everything is okay....because your testicles do not stay down where they should...and you could just have what is called retractable testicles...but we need to make sure that is okay. IF NOT ......sometimes surgery is required to fix that. I guess you thought that meant they cut you open, take the old ones out that are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, and then put new ones in. I asked if you wanted to have kids of your own one day. You said yes, four! I said it was important then to have all that checked out make sure they work one day you could have children. We talked about sperm....having babies are made.....etc. In your mind you have 2 sperm. One from each testicle.
I remember you have anxiety disorder so I try to never set that off. Maybe explaining too much is not always a good idea though either.

I love you Noah Wesley!



Grandma said...

Sounds like you both had a busy day and it also sounds like Noah's doing really well. That's good.

I ran over to Moms for a few hours and she said you guys had stopped.

She was asleep when I first got there so I quietly set down and almost fell asleep myself, then Debbie stopped back in for a little while, then Mom popped on her shoes and set for a while in the chair, then we walked to the dining room and I left and she walked back. She said that was her fourth walk for the day. She also was outside getting in the drivers seat of someone's car, the therapist wanted to make sure she could do it, then they walked through the grass. But she probably already told you all of this.

Think I'll pop some pop corn for this evening. By the way Noah, do you like pop corn?

Sounds like you had a wonderful, busy trip seeing so many new things and meeting people. That's nice. Love you little fella.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That was a big day. I am happy it went well as that will make future visits easier.

Melissa said...

What a big day Noah...lots of things that you did. It sounds like listening to the banjo would be fun! We'll have to get together and go to COSI some Saturday.

kristi said...

Wow! How funny about the testicles. Noah has quite the imagination!

Melinda said...

Kristi: I think with Noah sometimes as in this is what he is most anxious about....things that worry him.....all part of the anxiety disorder aspect he has I would suppose.

patty said...

Patty said:
We've gotten NO rain. Going to run over and see Mom awhile this evening, after I give your Dad some supper.

Last evening he went along, and then Becky and Margaret showed up also.

Mom said all of the people commented on how well behaved little Noah was sitting listening to the banjo player.
Love you

5:05 PM