Thursday, March 10, 2005

Noah had a trying day again today. The teacher finally realizes I was right when I told her he could NOT be mainstreamed or perhaps even handle her small class. She gets that now she said. She said he has "extreme behavioral issues/lack of social skills". HELLO>?????? We have been trying to tell them that...but I guess they either did not believe us or did not get it. While she gets it now...I don't think she understands exactly where it is all coming from or how to deal with it. She is not really trained for that and that was my fear up front...even though I was assured this school could handle it. I know it will take a specialized program geared at someone like Noah and intense school will be able to provide that. SO who knows where things might end up in the long run. I imagine he will try this for another week...and we will probably have to stop as he can be too disruptive even for her small class. He has made some progress but cannot be consistent. AND this teacher I think does not GET the fact that behavioral problems can be due to autistic she seems to already be trying to find ANOTHER reason why he has behavioral/social issues. MORE of the same old crappo! I feel like we are wasting valuable time. Rather than try him in some other program to complete this year we will most likely homeschool him ourselves and meanwhile check out possible other options and therapies. I don't know. I will also be better able to tell what we might do after Noah has his formal evaluation.

She said she felt MANY things were going on with Noah...not just one...ANOTHER BIG DUH!!!!!!!!!!! YES...he has many issues...sensory integration...autistic tendencies....etc. I am not sure what else but she kept emphasizing the behavioral problems. Again....there are different reasons why kids have behavioral problems and I don't think this teacher is thinking it is stemming from any autistic portion. I think she is feeling it is something else. She once again referred to an SIED program which is NOT where Noah should be placed. That is for "emotionally disabled kids" and Noah is NOT emotionally disabled. I imagine the treatment and therapies used for those kids would be different than those for autistic kids....and perhaps she is forgetting that.


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