Tuesday, March 15, 2005

To Send or NOT to Send? That is the question of the year!

Noah stayed home from school today. He informed me yesterday he wanted to stay home....and since Keith and I were mixed about sending him back.....we let him stay home. GOOD thing as he has had an extremely difficult day even around us. I mean really difficult. Cannot listen well at all for us today. Felt the need to body slam himself into things all day...open cupboard doors in the eye doctor's office and shut and repeat over and over even though I kept telling him to NOT do it. Kept feeling the urge to KICK things....walls at the store...climb on shelves in store...almost out of control type behavior. I have noticed when he goes to school he then starts to act like this again. Whereas if he stays home he does much better and is more calm and acts better and does NOT have days like this. SO it could be because of him being in school for the past 6 days being stressed...not sure. We are still debating about what to do. Part of us wants to send him but in reality we don't. We cannot let NOAH make the decisions...we have to decide what is best for him. And to be honest I am not thrilled about having to worry if he is going to run away from the school all the time. SO.....we are probably going to yank him again...and proceed with the formal evaluation and meanwhile homeschool and work on behaviors here at home and go from there. He was doing so well when we were doing things at home 100%. It has fallen apart rapidly since he has been back in school.

BUT.....we put in an email to the behavioral consultant who went to Noah's school on Monday to see what her thoughts were about the day there and how things were going. I then put in a call to her to see if she got my email. No word back from her yet. I kind of wanted to see what she had to say before we made a final decision about Noah. BUT I think we already have.

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