Monday, March 07, 2005

Noah's First Day at his New School

I cut myself off a minute ago and must have hit PUBLISH and did not mean to. Anyway....we will see how this goes...take it a day at a time the teacher said. I told her we went into this knowing it MIGHT NOT work. She said it was his first day...all new things...big transition...changes..etc. He had SO MUCH sensory input and overload by the time we picked him up he looked exhausted and like someone had sedated him. She said that was the best she had ever seen him sit all day. She said to keep him home in the mornings and bring him back to her then in the afternoons laughing. I told her the ONLY reason he was finally sitting was because he had been so over-stimulated in the morning he was now on his DOWN MODE. It would not work if I kept him home in the mornings and brought him in the afternoons.....he would get overloaded in her room in the afternoons and not listen. SO who knows. Maybe he will end up doing the Colorado Virtual Academy program...he can do it at home or we will just continue to homeschool him ourselves. He does well even though he has to be prompted a lot. But he does it...and accomplishes more than he ever has in a classroom setting in a school. We will see. BUT when Keith and I walked in to pick him up today and already saw the teacher sitting out front with him WAITING on us...we both got that all too familiar sick feeling in our stomach and feeling of dread. While trying to remain optimistic and positive....we are now in the back of our minds already thinking even this situation may not work out for Noah. AND I WILL NOT listen and say he is ever I truly do NOT believe that is his problem. He is definitely on the autistic spectrum somewhere and has sensory integration issues....and many times kids will be misdiagnosed with ADHD and it is not that. Makes me wonder if any public school setting is equipped to handle kids like Noah. I guess he must be an exceptional so far they seem like they never can get him to do what THEY want him to.

AND he tried to leave the classroom a couple of times....she said he got up to leave. That still worries me. I have told him and told him to stay with his teachers and IN the classroom. BUT......I wonder if it is actually even sinking in. I don't want to get a phone call saying he is missing.

SO many things to think about and worry about. No wonder my head is spinning 3/4th of the time and I cannot think clearly on anything else. No wonder I am exhausted all the time. Meanwhile I will plug along at my job.....full time....or try to.....and try to get things done here at home (packing and sorting to put things into storage and maybe place our condo up for sale). SO many things...

I at least am feeling better. I went for my physical. I have decided to take better care of ME for once. So far I am doing pretty well. I am happy my labs came back all very very good. Cholesterol was only 165 which is GREAT! My GOOD cholesterol was like 53 (supposed to be 40 or above) ...bad under 90 (supposed to be 100 or below ). My sugar level was great....and YES I am going through I did not already know that. My weight management program (sounds so much better than a diet huh?) is going well. I am MANAGING it...following my plan and sticking to my goals. I did not get enough physical activity last week for plain walking...but I spent over 6 hours Saturday moving things around and packing and housework. I should think that counts toward my goal of 120 minutes per week or 20 minutes average per day. Tomorrow I get my eyes checked...Wed. is my mammogram...Thursday I go for physical therapy for my knee.

I better get off here and get some work done.


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