Monday, March 14, 2005

Noah: Do you want to go back to your school?

I just asked him. I asked him if he wanted to go back to Sheridan Green. he said" well...maybe a little bit". I asked him...."or would you rather do school here at home with mommy and daddy?"....he said "yeah...I would rather stay home and do school here tomorrow". I asked if he ever wanted to go back to Sheridan or just stay home....he said"MY school at home is better". I asked why and he said "cause I can do it".

Pretty much says it all.

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K said...

Hi--I stumbled upon your blog, and felt I needed to reply to you. Our family is also struggling with the public school here in Washington. Our son, 7 has an IEP, in all areas. Im so tired of this school not listening to us in regards to "what is best for our son"...The "experts" spew out information that may sound good, but doesnt fit our son at all. Im basically crying and begging them to listen to me.....but they claim they now what is best for him. BULL! Im so tempted to pull him out of school. He obviously isnt getting WHAT THEY THINK he is getting out of it.
He is being called "stupid" "DummY" he knows why he is being pulled out 4 times a day....Grrrr
we should chat