Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Testing out contacts this next week. SO far I like them...although I notice I am getting blurry eyed periodically...maybe they are drying out. I have a really bad problem with dry eyes anyway. He said something about PLUGGING my eyes.....which sounds horrific but is painless I guess and lasts 2-5 years. We will see. I did my test and exam today and got some lenses to try for a week. So I feel like I am all blurry up close.....and have a hard time. Eventually I can focus...but it is almost like I have something in my eyes or covering the lenses a bit. To walk around and drive and all that it is great!! YES...I have bifocals in my glasses...not sure how that works with contacts...I also have some astigmatism. Anyway..so far I am loving it except for up close...which makes no sense....I mean supposedly I had bifocals to use for reading and computer work...I never or rarely ever used them for that. I usually found I could see better with them off. SO go figure. I guess it will take some adjusting...but like I said..for driving...TV.....long distance stuff and walking...they are great. For just running around.....I may have to take them out to type.

Noah had another trying day at school. They say sometimes behavior worsens before it improves...especially given all the changes he has undergone. MANY times he wanted things to go HIS way or NO way....I guess he had 2 major meltdowns where they had to remove the other kids from the class even and just let him cry and get over things. I guess he wanted to call his mommy and daddy about 4000 times the teacher said..hahah. That is a first. I guess he did not want anything to do with academics...so we will still be doing that here at home while they solely work on trying to improve his behavior and just adjusting to a classroom environment and teaching him how to behave in a classroom environment. I am not sure why he has such a hard time. He even hit his paraprofessional or pushed her...she did hold down his shoulder/arms and tell him "no...we don't do any hitting in here"...and he then said he was sorry and hugged her. SO..........I imagine they will give this a good trial...but if he disturbs the other kids too much I know eventually even this scenario won't work out and we will be homeschooling him anyway and just going to get his therapies somewhere or have them come into our home or something. He also apparently climbed on top of a bookshelf to try to leave the room....tried to knock over a barrier to the door to leave...he tried many times to get out of the room....but thankfully they stopped him and worked with him and he was safe.

Otherwise....it was cold and cloudy this morning...warmed up...came out from my eye exam and it was snowing. Now is sunny and warmer again. SO MUCH like COLORADO weather!!

Anyway...more frustrations.....should be getting used to it soon I would think...but the drama continues and it seems you never get used to it. I do hope Noah can be taught how to control himself in a setting like the classroom and they can teach him how to respond...the older he gets the harder it will be and then you sometimes cannot control them as they are just too big and strong physically.

So...more later. Much to do on this end now.

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