Monday, March 07, 2005


Noah had his first day at his new school today. When we went to pick him up the teacher was already sitting out front with him waiting on us. She looked exhausted. She said he had a pretty good day....was awfully excited and over-stimulated. He had a hard time sitting down and listening....disturbed some of the other kids I think. So she will move him to his quiet time/break area to sit at a seat himself tomorrow....hopefully he will get more done and the other kids too. He will come up for certain times of the day like reading I guess....and other things. Again I am not completely sure. But it once again (IF things stay that way) kind of defeats the purpose if he will be in a classroom but not really WITH the other kids. He has to take recess by will be sitting by himself in the corner of the room....not sure how often he will actually get to interact with anyone. So he is to go back tomorrow.....and

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