Thursday, March 24, 2005

Dear Noah:

So.....Easter is almost here. We went to see ROBOTS the other day at the movies. Was pretty good. Poor Noah had to sit with his hands over his ears almost the entire time. It was pretty loud. I guess we will have to get those headphone hearing protection things for him to take along to wear when needed. He did pretty well...but had a hard time making it for the entire 1 1/2 hours. I think the sound was just too much for him to take and he was ready to go.

Noah, someday you will look back and read this and remark about what we spent at the movies. The movie was a matinee so it was cheaper. That means about 6.50 per ticket...but it cost even MORE to get 1 drink each, 1 bag popcorn and 1 bag of M&Ms. Another 20.00! AMAZING. Forty dollars to see 1 movie for 3 people. Outrageous.

Well...I just cooked you some eggs to color later today. We will also make some gingerbread cut outs and sugar cookie cut outs for Easter. That is probably it. That is enough. I will make a dessert for Keith and I..though I will not be able to eat much of it. TOO rich and fattening! An oreo cheesecake of some kind.

Been much colder.....only 34 now. SUPER cloudy and raining off and on combined with fog and snow. SO like Ohio and not Colorado but I am enjoying it as I like a good rain storm every once in a while and we rarely see a cloudy day here let alone have any rain. SO it is nice!

Took the VUE to get the recall thing fixed...and the oil changed. ALL done and good to go now.

Guess that is it for now. You are sitting here beside me looking at all your house plans and reading the blueprints and going through each room of the house. The breakfast nook on one design you said "would make a great calm down room".



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