Monday, March 21, 2005

Dear Noah

You have been doing pretty well the past week or so. daddy started his vacation and it seems you and him can really butt heads. Daddy still does not always know what to do to NOT set you it happens time and time again over and over and everyone gets tired and frustrated and ticked off.

We started cleaning and packing things up today. Got quite a bit done even with your daddy not really wanting to help. He did.....but you could tell he did not want to.

Anyway....tomorrow we will get a storage locker and start taking things over to it I think. We need to do that to make more room here in our condo. ONCE we get everything extra packed up and put into storage (mostly seasonal items..etc). ..we will do anything else we need to around here and may go ahead and put the condo up for sale. We need a bigger place. 936 square feet for the 3 of us and all our stuff is not quite large enough...especially with no basement or garage. We have gotten rid of a lot of stuff over the years but also got NEW stuff to takes its place. So we are to the rim so to speak. No room here for anything more. I have been good about when you bring something new in something old must go out. We are good about donating items and parting with older things to bring in newer things. I don't want a bigger place to get more stuff. We could get by the rest of our lives without buying any more Christmas stuff or wrapping paper, boxes and bows..hahaha. Someday you will get all those things. All the ornaments and collectibles we have collected over time together. We are so glad you enjoy and love Christmas as much as we do. SO I think someday even as an adult you will like to have all these things. I also don't need any more stationery for a long time or cards...stickers.....etc. I have BOXES of brand new scrapbooking items I bought and have yet to even BEGIN scrapbooking. I guess it looks like we have a lot of stuff...and I guess we do. BUT....for the most part we really do use all the things we do have. The only things staying in storage long-term or periodically would be seasonal items. SO anyway....I am trying to get rid of things I don't use or won't...things just sitting around. ALL collecting dust. You should have seen the dust today. Cannot believe we let the condo get like that. But with lack of time and energy it seems things don't always get done around here. ONCE we are organized that will HAVE to change.

Well...I am about done for TODAY. Tomorrow will be another day. I imagine we will all have sinus problems tonight after stirring up all that dust.

By the way...daddy got out his old 8 mm movies and you have LOVED watching much you don't want to ever stop. Amazing.



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