Friday, November 02, 2007

Dear crack me up...

The Friday before an Ohio State game we wear our colors and today you had on your OSU jersey and coat and when you went to get out of the car as I dropped you off at school I said "GO BUCKEYES!" and reminded you of the game tomorrow.

As you got out you said "Yeah!"(very excitedly) then added, "but some say Ohio State SUCKS!"

My mouth dropped open and I was actually speechless.

Yeah....I can see you are learning MUCH at school!

GO BUCKS!!!! ALWAYS an amazing team......but this year outstanding!



Mom/Grandma said...

Yep, now is the time he will start picking up a lot of slang words. Now the fun begins. Sucks isn't really that bad. There are other words that could be a lot worse. But yes, Mommy, I could see you sitting there with your mouth open not knowing what to say for a second. That would have made a good Candid Camera shot. Love you

Melinda said...

well actually I thought it was pretty funny and not something bad necessarily. I found it amusing he caught the phrase they had used and understood it...and the way he said it at the same time he slammed the car door shut was just funny to me!

KC's Blog said...

Noah cracks me up! I laughed and laughed when I read, "but some say Ohio State SUCKS!"