Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dear Noah...Dropping Your List Off In Santa's Mailbox

We did it last night. On the way back from Grandma C.'s house we stopped by Santa's seasonal booth where a mailbox to send letters specifically to him is also standing by the street corner. I told you to get out of the truck and put the letter in the box. You came back saying it was locked up looking very sad. I asked you if there was a slot on the box. You said "OH WAIT!" and went running back. Then you again returned to the truck saying your envelope was too big to go into the slot. I finally got out of the truck which I should have done to begin with I guess, and walked over to check things out. Sure enough the box was locked and they did have a slot but the envelope was larger than the slot. I suggested FOLDING the envelope just a little bit to slide it into the slot which worked perfectly and you beamed and skipped excitedly back to the truck. As we climbed back inside another car drove by with an elderly man and woman driving who had been watching us and were smiling.

The MAGIC of seen through a child's eyes is always something beautiful to behold.

I love you Noah.....I hope Santa can fulfill your dreams this year!



Patty said...

Dear Noah, We all need a list of some kind also, so we will know what Santa is bringing you and what we can all get you. If there is nothing right now, then we can do like last year, give you the money to go shopping later in the new year. Love you my little man, to the moon and back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Noah,

Well, grandpa is glad you got that letter mailed to Santa. He needs it now so he can get your gifts ready.


Audrey said...

cool Noah it must of been fun putting the letter in Santa's mail box