Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dear Noah....

Monday at Grandma C.'s house I caught you outside playing with the water spigot. I told you to please stop playing with the water......all you did was tell me you couldn't because you were pretending it was TOILET WATER.

Yes...the fascination with toilets and plumbing continues. On the way to Grandma C.'s house you took your Doodle Pad along and the entire time you were drawing.....yes.......toilets. Mostly urinals....but all different types and models.

This is actually pretty amazing to think about how far you have come over the years because you used to be terrified of toilets.....especially flushing of toilets. Some automatic flushing toilets still scare you and you refuse to use them unless I stand there covering up the auto-eye sensor with my hand while you go so it won't flush with you still sitting down.

Now you LOVE toilets but most especially the flushing! You are pretty good at sound effects of the different types of toilets too and the way they sound. Anywhere you go if there is a water source I will find you there pretending the water is a toilet flushing. You never tire of this.

Toilets, toilets, toilets. At night when you are in your room I hear toilet after toilet flushing as you watch video clips on You Tube about toilets flushing. You act like a kid trying to hide something bad from a parent whenever I walk into your room during this time. You cover up your screen and say "DON'T SEE ME!" and then cover up your eyes. I ask you if you are watching something "bad" and at times you seem to think you are. When I watch the videos you are watching however so far I have not seen anything inappropriate. NO naked people or anything like that. Simply toilets and flushing of toilets. I tell you that is "OKAY" and nothing to hide from me. You proceed to tell me you want "privacy" I guess so you can sit back and SAVOR AND ENJOY each moment of viewing in peace and quiet undisturbed.

Last night at the library you wanted to check out books about toilets...but our library did not really have many books about toilets.

You have continued to do very well in school. Friday is parent/teacher conference and report cards should also be coming home I think soon.

I LOVE YOU NOAH WESLEY and I have been very proud of how well you have been standing in morning line-up!



Patty said...

Had something all typed up, said unable to complete my request, perhaps they're having problems this morning. Glad things are going well in the morning line ups. Love you, Grandma

Maddy said...

He's still a shining little star. Fortunately for us, they just scoot our spec ed classes inside as they arrive so we completely escape the nightmare line- up.
BEst wishes