Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dear went much better in line-up....

There were actually ADULTS present WITH the kids in line-up. A parapro was right at the fence when you came through the gate......and watched as you safely got into line.....but not before some other kid YANKED your hat off your head and tossed it to the ground. It all happened very quickly but you just bent over and got your hat in shape so you could place it back on your head. You stood there with a strange look on your face but did what you were supposed to do and because the parapro was present she went right over immediately to the kid who grabbed the hat off your head and straightened him up and I think had him tell you he was sorry but I am not positive about that because I was not right there but instead outside the fence. I will ask you later today.

You slowly were able to get your hat back on your head and kept walking on forward in line as by the time I dropped you off this morning the lines were already slowly moving into the building. I was much more impressed with how it was handled today.......which is more like it was handled when school first began...and obviously the way it is supposed to be run with ADULTS present monitoring the kids.

I am very proud of you and your mature behavior today. I will pray it continues and you continue to do well and learn more every day.

I love you my little man....don't get out one hour early today! See you then!



Anonymous said...

I am sure it is very hard as a parent to see things going on that are not supposed to be that way. And it is good to correct them or get them corrected. It seems that your episode yesterday worked well at least for today. If there is a secret to these kinds of events, I don't know them, but I suspect the school and all teachers respond best to parents. I know we did when I was teaching.

I mean I would lose control myself, and you are a chip off the block in that respect. I think it would be hard for me to cope with you kids being picked on if you were in the same shape Noah. I know all parents feel that way.

I guess I am very pleased that he is able to control himself and I hope he is able to continue to control himself as he gets older. I just hope the teachers are aware and keep a watch over all the kids.

It seems like they are doing that now and that's good.

Yes, the inside of the fence is almost as nice as the outside.

Thanks for the visit.

Melinda said...

well I was able to keep control.....but it all did upset me. I did not yell or scream or carry on ...nothing like that. I did express my concerns however and I know they knew I was pissed off or at least very concerned when I walked into the office.

No offense dad......but I fight very hard to NOT be a chip off the ole block as far as the losing control do all us kids....and I have to say I can do a pretty good job at it now on a consistent basis, especially since eliminating most of the stressors in my life.

Noah also can do a pretty good job most times.

I DID however have to stand in the office yesterday and keep telling myself to remain calm....and not yell. BUT I did manage to do it.

gettingthere said...

Glad to hear your spirited intervention got action and didn't get the staff's back up. It's not always easy to point out shortcomings and still maintain good relations with the school.

And you're right to insist on the presence of adults. Sure, it's a tough world out there but children do need to be taught right from wrong and leaving them alone to sort things out, moreso when they have special needs, is downright dangerous. Things can get out of hand very, very quickly indeed.

Melinda said...

thanks gettingthere....I agree!

Patty said...
I just happened to find this web site, if I had found it earlier I would have sent it, it's a nice one for a child's first day of school, when i read it I though of you and Noah the first day he went off to school.