Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dear Noah...

The principal finally called me back yesterday to discuss what happened on the playground in the morning. She admitted that the teachers/staff/parapros sounded like they were getting lazy and what was happening outside in the mornings was NOT what was set up to happen. There are to be at least 3 parapros outside in the mornings on the playground at LINE-UP as well as some other teachers and staff. The bell rings at 8:50 which is the time you all have to line up and that is when the STAFF is OFFICIALLY ON DUTY! That is their official UNIONIZED standard start time. NO excuses for them to NOT be out there to monitor and guide the students during their wait....ESPECIALLY the special needs children outside. They definitely need an adult present to help monitor situations as they come up. ALL the teachers used to walk out in the morning to stand with their classrooms and then escort them into the buildings in the mornings. The playground monitors consist of five people....not sure why there have not been at least five people outside with the classes in the mornings other than they just don't want to get outside in the cold weather!

To address a specific ANONYMOUS comment yesterday......YES I do think Noah should not be removed from social situations in real life....that unfortunately he will HAVE to be exposed to the harsh realities of this world in order to be better prepared to LIVE in the harsh realities of this world. However...Noah along with apparently quite a few other special needs children at this school DO REQUIRE AND DESERVE AND ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE an adult monitor present......a help DIRECT them in social situations. They are to be present to guide the child in correct behavior and responses to social stimulus....etc. That has NOT been happening. THAT is what I am upset about because they are getting paid to be present and do their job and they are not. They could actually get SUED because these kids even have it outlined in their IEPs that a parapro will be present at these times and what they are supposed to be doing and it has not been happening. I worry more for Noah's safety and someone being present to make sure he actually gets INTO the building and does not run off......or....someone setting him up to entice him into horseplay that turns into something worse and he gets caught and into trouble. He has to learn to avoid specific BAD behaviors and allowing a free-for-all on the playground with no one to direct any of the students is not the way he will learn this.

The principal confessed the parapros and teachers were getting lazy and she would have a talk with them all and demand they do their job or else they could find another job. She is really working hard to make their school a very safe school and I do admit that this is the FIRST school whose staff seems sincerely interested in such matters and the staff also really seems to give a sincere crap about the kids attending the school. I personally think they have been doing a pretty good job when they do their jobs. What upset me yesterday was the harsh reality they were no longer doing their job for that portion of the day...which does not make me feel very secure in thinking they are doing it at other times of the day such as recess...etc., the social outings that DEMAND a parapro be present to guide the special needs kids into appropriate behavior. This is not a one or two event deal. This can take MANY instances and YEARS for each child to actually LEARN a concept but they can learn.

I feel much better since speaking with the principal on the phone. I have a good relationship with the school and staff and I feel they are really doing a good job and they are quick to admit when they are not and they change things to fix that when it happens. That impresses the hell out of me!

On another little man Noah.......yesterday I find out you were in the bathroom peeing at a urinal when you decided to stand there and PRETEND to pee/write on the walls of the bathroom and floor. NO you did NOT actually pee anywhere other than the urinal but another boy came into the bathroom while you stood there exposed and pretending so he ran and told the principal. You were called in and she discussed with you again how your private area is to remain PRIVATE and that a public restroom is PUBLIC even if no one else is present at the time you go in....someone else could come in at any time and you should keep your privates covered up. They handled it all very well and I am hopeful you will not be doing that again.

Otherwise you have had some really good days at school. The parapro again went on about how the kids in class really enjoy you and like you and so does she and the staff. They all really think you are an amazing kid and happy you are at school and believe it has been a really good experience for you thus far. I agree......I think it has been a very GOOD thing as Martha would say.

I love you Noah......keep the pants up today little man!


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Patty said...

What a relief. That's the way it should be handled, and if nothing else, the Principle should be out there every so often to make sure it continues. Like I've said before, I have never heard of a school doing this line up thing. Becky said at the Vocational school, they all meet in the cafeteria and then go to their class rooms. Apparently there is a law, the student CAN NOT be in a class room alone. If something would happen the school is liable? I don't know. I guess they have monitors in the lunchroom. Melissa said by the time Audrey gets there and gets off her bus, she goes right to her class room and the teacher is there waiting. I don't know what the kids might do that are dropped off earlier then what the bus drops them off. Just glad everything is being handled better for everyone's sake.