Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dear Noah...

I heard you singing "Do You Hear What I Hear" so sweetly last night. I tried recording you without you knowing it but the sound is not that great. You rarely want to sing in front of me.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. You did very well and we had a very busy time. We did finish decorating the tree while watching Christmas movies....and you have actually finished a list to drop off for Santa.

You only have 3 things on the list. You originally had put down you wanted all the old atlases from 1940 to 2004 but then told me "I decided to take those off the list because that was just too much for Santa!"

Now your list for Santa includes:

1) A Lumix camera like the one I have.
2) A memory card for the camera.
3) A real football.

You are being on your best behavior....and trying even harder at school even though you are sitting in a section you don't really want to be sitting in.

I love you little man. It certainly won't be long till Christmas has come and gone again and we will be into an entirely new year.

love you always...



Patty said...

Dear Noah, so glad to hear your week started off so nicely. Sounds like you and Audrey both are sitting at tables you would rather not share. Audrey has all boys and you have all girls. But it will be OK. Won't be long and it will be Christmas break. Well you have a fun evening. Charlie Brown's Christmas is on this evening, before Dancing With The Stars. Love you little man, sleep well. Grandma

Maddy said...

I note you say 'includes!' I convinced mine a few years ago that Father Christmas only brings them each three presents and a stocking. They believed me.

However, we still have two birthdays in December so we'll still look like a toy shop by January!

Melinda said...

oh the list is ONLY three items....that was all he wanted. He originally only wanted the camera. Then he added the memory card and the football.

Noah never asks for much...and HIS birthday IS ALSO in December! ;)