Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dear Noah....Parent/Teacher Conference and grade cards...

Friday there was no school because there were parent/teacher conferences. I had mine scheduled with your teachers on Friday and I actually got to meet with 3 of your teachers...which really impressed me. We got an entire 30 minutes which was an adequate amount of time to discuss everything.......and.......I again am so impressed with the staff and how much they really like you and are willing to help you. This is something I have prayed for a long long time...finding the right mix......the perfect combo help you succeed!

They have all learned pretty quickly some things that can set you off.....but also remarked about how much progress you are making in handling changes in routine and environmental changes. They repeat the phrase "it's okay" like I do here at home and you are becoming more accepting quicker now...soon I know it will be smooth transitions pretty much all the matter the circumstances.

I am thankful your meltdowns are very infrequent now....and short-lived when they do occur. I am so thankful we finally have the right mix of teachers and staff working with is so nice to be able to sit back and see such good positive progress and changes in you and your behavior.
They said academically they all have NO problems with you. You get all A's or every high B's in all your subjects! Your report card reflected all of that and I have seen your homework you bring home and the stuff you work on at school also brought home. I LOVE to see how much you are learning and what you are doing at school......even if it has been on a slightly different level than I would have had you at. You are succeeding and doing well and they will not hold you back they said if you are able to do more. They also push you like I would to always do your best and tell you over and over you CAN. CAN.....a word few have in their vocabularies many these days look for ways out or excuses for their CANNOTs.

Anyway.....we had to make pit stops in all the restrooms while at school. This was the day you have been waiting for......when MOMMY could escort you into all the girls bathrooms so you could check them out and film them. SO in with your camera you went as we walked throughout the school and hit all the restrooms. You were in your element......going on and on about the specs of the paper towel dispensers and types or brands or toilets and the water pressure and things even I do not understand. Below is a clip.......and Noah......I adore you.



Melissa said...

Yay for the good grades! Excellent job Noah!! Audrey and I are so proud of you. Loved the video too!

Patty said...

Well young man, looks and sounds like you are doing a really GREAT job. Keep up the good work. It was nice seeing you at Grandma C's house this afternoon. Did you and Grandma get a puzzle worked. Love you, have a good evening.

Drama Mama said...

GO Noah! Love hearing about the school, the grades, and how well your little man is doing.

Hugs to you both!