Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Twas the night before school ....

and I am on an emotional roller coaster. Pass the Valium please?

Noah and I went to the school open house tonight. I have never seen so much disorganization and chaos in one place before! The people were lined op outside all the way around the building just to get in! I felt like I was camping out to get great concert tickets to something fabulous. Noah was just concerned about getting in to check out all the bathrooms!

We finally made it in. We met his teachers.....saw his homeroom and other classrooms....the playground.....the cafeteria.......ALL the bathrooms.......and man was it hot. A sweat-box for sure! Noah's face was beet red in no time. NO AIR conditioning in this school......fans blowing air inside around.....but I am not sure how well Noah will do as yes he is used to being in air conditioning all the time or outside where there is a breeze.

AND......we were originally told Noah would have to wait to start to school next Tuesday.....BUT......tonight we were informed he WILL BE STARTING TOMORROW! YIKES!

I have had I don't know how many episodes where I have spontaneously bawled today before and after the open house.....already thinking about his upcoming school days....because of flashbacks of things that happened in the past with Noah in the public school setting. My mind has been on overtime thinking and I have tried NOT to worry but I do. SO MANY unanswered questions. I don't really know his schedule or much of anything he is going to be doing or when. He will learn as he goes along and I guess I will find out later once we get his IEP and details of his paperwork and plans all worked out.

Inside the school was a man and woman offering boys information on the Boy Scouts......Cub Scouts.....am I the only one who looks at the man dressed in those khaki shorts and wonder if he molests little boys? Is that a natural thought process? (shaking my head).

Noah already met a couple of other boys and is so excited about being able to start school tomorrow when everyone else does. I am happy for him and hopeful it works out very well.....but I am so leery about so much crap still. In his homeroom I noticed some work hanging overhead or on the walls.....all things Noah learned 2 years ago. I do hope he will not get bored and I guess I will continue working with him here at home to help teach him more things ahead of schedule. He is like a big sponge right now soaking up so much information.

Noah will have more than one teacher...at least two......and a HOMEroom.....I hope he gets a good seat beside a fan! He won't be there the first day to pick out his desk....cause he will be in another classroom for the day being tested on stuff.

Anyway.....he is in bed. Willingly went to bed on time to get plenty of sleep for his big day! I have remodeled the school and courtyard and neighborhood at least 20 times since returning home from the open house. I have gone over at least 5 emergency plans and scenarios.....and I am exhausted.

I have to turn this over to God and ask Him to really watch out for my little man and all the other children and teachers during school and after.

Here's to your first day Noah! I will surely miss you during the day while you are gone at school.....but I am also very happy you are finally taking steps out into the big world and enjoying it!!

I love you!


OH....Noah's one teacher said she has almost all boys this year......few girls. Perhaps that is best! haha.....She said she put the Barbie case away figuring they would not be needing it....and she noticed all the Barbies were naked!

Noah said he wants to marry a girl he meets in school......or Bryanne the neighbor girl.....or his cousin Audrey. I told him he could not marry his cousin Audrey...and why.....though I don't think he understood it all.



Melissa said...

Oh, you'll be fine Melinda and so will he. Is he riding the bus today? If so, be prepared for more tears. I cried when Audrey got on the bus for the first time. Audrey also doesn't have a/c in her school, but she's allowed to bring water.

Just think of all the time during the day you'll have to get your job done, won't that be nice?

I'm thinking of you and Noah. He's going to love being around all the kids.
I love you both!!

Grandma/Mom said...

This is all part of being a Mom, especially when you are a stay at home/work at home Mom and are around him 24/7. It's hard on all Mom's even if they are working outside the home, because we all worry about everything. Been there and done it many times. What was worse was when you kids had to walk to and from school because I didn't have a car and no one else in the neighborhood took their kids either. Some days, rainy and snowy I worried until I saw you guys coming around the corner. But you all made it OK and I made it to. I realize though with Noah you have a few more concerns, but I think the little fella has been showing you, he's ready. He handled the dentist great, he handled his first hair cut and washing at the salon great. I won't say relax and enjoy, because you won't be able to until he comes through the front door. I use to worry if you kids got to school ok, and that was one thing nice about you three older ones, you were able to walk to and from school together. It will get better, but you won't ever be able to relax completely, I know.
Love you both, I'll be calling you in a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

it is so hard to let go-but we all have to do it-it does not help then to hover all of the time. I know it sucks-the world can be a mean place at times-but he has to learn the good AND the bad. If it does not work-at least you tried and you kow that he will be fine right there with you. you are a good mom for letting him go.