Monday, August 20, 2007

County fair.....

Noah and I went to our county fair yesterday in between rain storms. This was the first time he had been to a county fair in a long he could remember anyway.

Together we went through a fun house and I about fell on my butt on the way out......and we played putt putt golf.......saw all the cows, pigs, rabbits, dogs, horses and other animals. We did lots and lots of walking and still missed some areas. We plan on trying to get back there another time or two while it is still around.

Today we went and picked up his new orthotics. To be honest I am not sure these are going to do the trick but we will give them a shot. Next will be some new shoes for more support. We treated ourselves to Cracker Barrel for breakfast....and enjoyed it a lot. We had a good day but very busy one. Noah will be getting a hair cut soon too and school is next week providing all his stuff can be taken care of before then. So we went and did some school supply shopping today. AND I am still going to work with him here at home supplementing his schoolwork. I love to teach and work with Noah and I just feel it is necessary.

I just finished baking him some more gingerbread cookies. I am starting to fizzle out. We have had a very long, busy day running errands and shopping.

SO I will end this here for tonight since I notice I can barely type anything accurately......and write more another time.



THIS is the EXIT of the Fun House where I just about fell on my butt. I thought it would be no problem walking OUT of this MOVING tunnel....I hit it and it about knocked me on my......well you know.....and then I could barely stand up let alone walk out. I ended up falling out.....onto the woman at the end of the ride who I guess is there to help people out. I felt badly as I got to laughing and she was I think trying NOT to laugh....and I had to put my hands on her knees to get myself out of there. I apologized to her......and felt like a real idiot! haha......BUT Noah and I had a good time anyway. AND no one got hurt.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun. I am glad he got to go. Noah should like the fairs and it is a shame it is over already.

Melinda said...

The fair goes on all it is not over yet......but it has been pouring down rain!

Mom/Grandma said...

Well it sounds like you had a good time. I would have like to have seen that.

Oh by the way, did you pay to see the big rat and what did it look like? I think we're going to try to go another time. Tomorrow I go to the dentist for one filling, perhaps if it's not too hot we can run up for a little while. We like to go early in the mornings though.

I wonder how Sonny did, he was suppose to take some of them back again today.

Love you both, have a good evening.

drama mama said...

You're a good mom.


Melinda said...

Mom: No I should have paid the 1.00 to see the big rat which I bet is an armadillo.........maybe next time we go back if it ever stops raining!

aw thanks DramaMama!

Daddy said...

WOW. A busy day for sure. I know that you love Cracker Barrel and I am glad you and mommy had a fun time. And Putt Putt, TOO?? Oh my. The whole day sounds as though it was an exciting one. Love you dearly my little man.

Love Daddy