Monday, August 27, 2007

Getting naked, testing for school, and first haircut.

Dear Noah:

LOTS has happened the past few days in our world. You decided you wanted to go out and play with the little neighbor out you went. This was the first time you all had been outside because it has been raining a lot. I helped you set up a tent on your side of the fence and then helped the neighbor girls set up one. I figured once the tents were up you have always played well...I could run to the bathroom and bedroom. I came back out only to find you shirtless, shoeless......AND MINUS pants! Somewhere along the way you had decided it would be nice to apparently strip and walk around our backyard naked. AND it did not stop there. In a matter of less than five minutes you had also talked the 2 little girls into taking their clothes off too!

Oh ...MY.........Shit!

I heard the mother next door yelling for the girls to COME IN.........the tent was taken down very quickly.......the chairs put back......all disappeared. I quickly took care of getting YOU inside and proceeded to tell you all the reasons WHY you should not be walking around naked in the backyard let alone talking anyone else into stripping down with you. Now I know there are men who go their entire lives WISHING they could accomplish the same thing you did in a matter of like five minutes.......but at 8-1/2 .....I think you can wait a little longer! You have made it very clear to me over time how much you LOVE WOMEN however.

I asked you if you all did any touching, hoping I would hear NO... and I was happy to hear you all did NOT do that. I don't know what Mom next door thinks.....part of me does not want to ask. She is probably over there wondering what I think.

Today was testing for school. You did VERY VERY WELL. The school psychologist came out immediately and told me she wanted to let me know I would have nothing to worry about. You were definitely ready for school and would do just fine! NOT in the MD room.......probably not in the "resource room".......but in the regular classroom or in the resource room for a couple classes and the regular room the rest of the time. It all sounds very promising. She was totally impressed with you and came out many times saying how sweet and adorable you were and she loved you already. She also said she was very impressed with your reading abilities and comprehension......and math skills.......and your eye contact and social skills. She said she could tell someone has been working with you a lot.....which of course is me your mommy. BUT she said you SAT the entire time very well........did not need to get up or move around......and it was just a very good experience. Tomorrow night is open house......and she wants to get you started right away in school so it will be the Tuesday AFTER Labor Day. YOU ALSO will eventually be riding the bus after that will be an experience for you as well!

ANOTHER FIRST happened today. Today was the first time you have ever had your hair cut at an actual hair salon. I did not take my camera out today and so many times today I wish I had it with me. I normally take it with me everywhere and now I know why. You climbed up into that hair salon chair.....sat so well....smiling the entire time. She took a long time to cut off all the hair you had as it was soooo long but.. YOU DID SO WELL! You tolerated the entire hair cut....even a shampoo.....and the BUZZING CLIPPERS!!!!! I was thrilled.......and are even cuter than before and look like such a grown up little man. She cut it like a classic boy hair cut......and we can put styling gel in it and spike it up some if we want or feather it back to the side. By the time we got home today from a long day of running around here is how it looked (you wanted to show all sides and angles so here they are)

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I noticed you already have a mustache growing on your upper lip. You have hair growing pretty thick on your legs......little blonde hairs all cute.

You have said so many amazingly cute and funny things lately. I also heard you VERBALLY tell Marilyn at the hair salon anything you wanted or needed or preferred while she cut or washed your hair. HUGE for verbally tell someone else what you need without having a hissy fit in the process.

Noah you have made me so proud of my little man are growing into a wonderful young man. I know you will do well. I believe in you and have faith in you and will make sure you do the very best you can in your life.

I love you so very much!



Melissa said...

Noah, you were adorable before, now you look like a little man!! I love your haircut, it looks very nice.

I'm so proud of you for doing so well with all the school testing, that's great news!!

You'll have an exciting time at open house and then I can't wait to hear about your adventures at school!

Love you and Mommy both!

Anonymous said...

Well, Noah, this made me laugh out loud. Taking off your clothes was a kind of wild thing to do but now you know it is not the kind of thing people do these days, in their back yards. I laughed and thought it was more cute and funny than anything else.

You do look totally different with the new hair cut. It makes you look better than before. And I can't see the hair on you lip yet but your mommy can.

Grandpa is still thinking to himself and laughing.

Grandma said...

Oh, my little Noah, you are so handsome. The shorter hair shows off your eyes better and makes you so cute.

I'm proud of you and the way you did on your first hair cut and even more proud of how you did on your testing.

What can I say about taking off the clothes, it happens sometimes. Not the worse thing in the world that can happen, but makes all Mommy's pretty upset when it does.

Have fun at the open house and have fun at school learning so many new things. Not all will be good things to learn, but between the teachers and Mommy, you will know which are the right things and which aren't so nice.

Love you to the moon and back. Have a good day.

kristi said...

TC likes to strip down too! Now he is learning where it is (and isn't) appropriate! Good going on the haircut. Looks great!

Anonymous said...

wow-he looks SO different. I hope he likes it!!! Just popped in to see how things were with school-I read your blog now and again-nice to see all is well!!

Amy in CO

KC's Blog said...

He looks adorable! Very good haircut Noah!