Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dear Noah: First day of school a HUGE success!

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You did very very well today in school! SO well in fact that you asked the special teacher if you could please go be with your homeroom class for the day like everyone else. She let you....and you did well in that classroom also. ALL in all you had a great day! I am very proud of you. You surprised all the teachers....and they went on and on about how well you did. You listened well...had good eye contact......asked for help when needed....sat well.....behavior was excellent.

You were very tired when I picked you up....and you got overheated once.....but you did an amazing job. We are training your body to get used to hopefully only having bowel movements here at home. So far so good. BUT I know you will be fine and handle things well even if you have to do that at school as well.

I am thrilled beyond words and so thankful to God for this success. I am so happy you were finally "ready" to take this next big step in your life. The only time you halfway had a moment or cried was at the end of the day when I came to pick you up.....only because you wanted to ride the bus with the rest of the kids instead...and you were upset about that. WOW......just incredible....and so far from where you came.

I love you more than words can say....




KC's Blog said...

Happy tears all around! Oh Melinda I am so thrilled for you guys! Noah is incredible, I want for K.C. to learn/do as well as Noah. Your little guy inspires me so much, I read your blog, read about Noah, where he was and how far he has come and know that K.C. can do it too.
Does Noah have a shadow at school? I think it's so awesome that he wanted to ride the bus as well! I can't wait to hear updates on your special little boy.
How was your day Melinda? I know when K.C. went to school I couldn't stop pacing the floors I was worried to death. It's strange cause I thought all these years when K.C. is in school I would get caught up on my sleep but all I did do was worry, lol.
The house feels very empty with both boys gone in the daytime, it will take some getting used too.

Melinda said...

Noah does not have a shadow yet and I am not sure he will....because I gave permission for them to actually start him in school before all his IEP paperwork and plans were in place. So far so good....and there are helpers I think in each classroom.....but I was not told he needed them yet or they did anything special for him. He so much wants to be just included and considered part of everyone else and what everyone else is doing.

I did okay for the first day. YES the house is exceptionally quiet with him gone. It is very weird and I barely got any work done myself while he was not here. It will also take me some time to adjust!

K.C. will do very well.......give him his own time to come around....he will! ;)

Drama Mama said...

We are cheering here in San Francisco--GO NOAH!
That is incredible. You must be over the moon.

Anonymous said...

He did very well. I thought he was worn out when I saw him but he was ready to go when it came time to leave. I just hope is love of going to school continues.

Melinda said...

Thank You Drama Mama! YES I am over the moon and still somewhat numb! Noah got up again today and was ready to go again....saying it would be his second day of school! He ended the evening last night before bed saying "Mommy....I LOVE school!"

I hope and pray it continues for a lifetime!


Thanks grandpa!

kristi said...

TC's absolute favorite thing in THE WORLD is riding the "big school bus". I still am having difficulties with the school thing and haven't blogged for a couple of days because my emotions are running so high.