Friday, August 31, 2007

Noah had another great day in school!

That makes three days in a row! I am so happy he is doing so well and loves it so much and makes it the entire day and still wants to go back and do everything everyone else is doing!

He seems so incredibly happy.......he is something.

I heard Noah in the other room playing with his trains...and I heard him say "YOU CAN GO ALL GO TO HELL!"

When I asked him what he said he replied "I am only pretending with my trains that they are going to take a trip to hell." He does not realize there is anything inappropriate about I tried explaining it to him. At times when he does things like that it is funny......but also a reminder of how much he does not yet understand or grasp. However......I am also thrilled and so happy and pleased with the progress he is making and how he is changing!

I took him to the park for a picnic after school. The weather has been gorgeous!

Back home for a break....then to grandma C.'s house for a visit.

I LOVE YOU NOAH!!!! YEAH ON your first partial week of school! I am SUPER PROUD of you!



Melissa said...

Audrey and I are super proud of you too Noah!! Way to go!!!

Drama Mama said...

Can Noah marry my Miss M?

Congrats on another wonderful day.

Only up up and away from here...


Melinda said...

thanks Melissa!

Drama Mama....I am sure if Noah saw Miss M. he would want to marry her!

Grandma said...

Dear Noah,
Sounds to me like you are having a wonderful time at school. That is great, it's fantastic. WAY TO GO! Keep up the good work. And just remember, you might be sitting in a room that Grandma or Grandpa sit in one time. I only went to that school the last part of the 4th grade and the first part of the fifth grade. Then to Arcanum until I graduated. Love you to the moon and back. See you Saturday for Alex's birthday cake.
Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

School days are filled up with happy times.

mom to max said...

I am so glad Noah is doing so well at school! you must be so proud of him.

Melinda said...

thanks! Yes I am very proud but also just very happy for him. I really want him to have success in this experience! :)