Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dear Noah........

Still working on you ASKING for help or INITIATING greetings.

When you go to the restroom and need help you will never call out for me. You will BANG on the bathtub or wall or floor to get my attention. Only a couple of times can I recall you actually CALLING out for me and that was only AFTER I yelled in asking if you needed help with something.

Same for came out again this morning. I was in the kitchen. Not one word spoken from you.....until I had said something first.

I have also noticed you still have a very hard time looking me directly in the eye.....which is fine because I "get that"......I hope it does not cause you any problems in school.

AND you have gone back to watching video clips some little boy makes on YouTube who yells a lot. Something about it intrigues you.....and then you record YOUR versions of train movies like this little boy records. AND you also use BAD WORDS like this little boy sometimes will.....but when I asked you WHAT bad told me this:

"well mommy I know you are going to get mad but I said dork and punk."

I actually sighed some relief! I mean yes I would prefer you NOT use those.....but....your choices could have been a lot worse!

You also told me that my collection of videos on You Tube were "awesome!"

You are really developing quite a personality and are becoming very expressive which is GREAT and amazing to me......after so many years where you basically never very expressive at all!

Here is a video Noah made.......this is NOT his "bad train" video.....but I thought it was cute......especially the ending....


max and me said...

wow...that is wonderful he is creating these little films! i will have to show my son. he loves trains. a day does not go by that he doesn't draw trains. you have a great little boy and you are such a good mom to write about all your experiences in such a loving way.

Melissa said...

That ending is very cute! Way to go Noah on filming your trains.

nq said...

Making train movies seems like a great form of creative expression for Noah, i always smile when you post them for him :-)
my cousin, who has autism, just started to look at people's eyes for a split second before replying, sometimes. He just turned 7, and it's amazing to see him, as you said, develop a strong personality of his own through his expressions and activities.
Noah- keep up the good work!

Melinda said...

thanks max and me....that is very very nice!

thanks Melissa......

thanks is amazing to see how they can develop and change and improve over time! ;)