Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Trip to C.O.S.I.

My sister and I took the kids to C.O.S.I. on Monday. We all had a good time...and the kids really had a lot of fun. We all really enjoyed the PROGRESS section where we could step back into time......1950s, 60s, and up to see the progress we have made over time. We all had a ball in the 1950s/60s area. It was so amazing to see all the toys and foods and "things" from that time era.

Here are a few photos:

The kids really loved this 1950s style restaurant where they were allowed to get behind the counter and pretend to WORK there. They never wanted to leave!

AND they moved so fast it was difficult to get a picture of them without it being all blurry!

Another area was the OCEAN area and all the water activities....


Drama Mama said...

Looks like a great time. Noah is such a beautiful little boy. And happy. Obviously happy.

Melinda said...

thanks! I do believe he is happy......most of the time anyway. He always has been that way for the most part...which I am extremely thankful for....(though he has had moments!) ;)

Mom/Grandma said...

Looks like they were having fun, I wish I could have seen a photo of you and Melissa. Ha!Ha! You two were probably starting to get a little pooped from walking and especially if you were carrying cameras and bags.

Yes, Noah and the water was pretty neat, putting the ball on the spray. Love you both.

Melinda said...

no actually we were not tired at all. I was not anyway. I also don't think Melissa was .....once back in the car on the way home and in the sun we got a little tired. BUT feeling tired from walking or anything like that did not bother either one of us. I was carrying my BIG HEAVY purse the entire time too and it did not bother me. I am pretty used to it. Melissa had a fanny pack.

We all had a great time....and to me it really did not seem like we actually walked all that much. I guess we did.....but it did not seem like it. I think cause you stay busy the entire time! We had a great time and I don't recall anyone looking tired while there. :)

Melissa said...

Yeah, we had a good time, the kids had a lot of fun in the water and the progress section.