Wednesday, August 22, 2007

school daze.......

I am shaking my head. My son will have to be tested before entering school this year since he has been homeschooled for a couple of years now and is going to try re-entering the public school system. I am more than a bit apprehensive about that......not so much about his doing well or minding being away from me........but more about what he may NOT learn while there.

PART of the testing would normally consist also of an IQ test. Noah had this done 2 years ago. However....2 years ago he was still not very verbal.....and not able to understand what he obviously does now. He scored in an average range 2 years ago rating superior in a couple of specific areas.

I never like to place much emphasis on results of IQ tests and their scores. However, when I spoke with the school psychologist/principal yesterday.....and she mentioned the fact that he already had been tested and they would NOT do it again (the IQ portion)......I spoke up and said "yes but that was 2 years ago."

She proceeded to tell me that it did not get this.......that the score would not really ever vary much after 5 years of age!

Has anyone else heard of that? Do you for one minute honestly believe YOUR own IQ score is the same as it was when you were only 5 years old?

I have taken many IQ tests. My score has varied a few times.......depending on how I felt when I took the test. Sometimes I lacked the patience to sit there and answer the questions and I hurried through it and got some answers wrong. Other times I had time and answered most everything correctly and got very high scores which to me makes it seem a bit more conditional.

Anyway......I was just curious if anyone else had heard about an IQ test NOT changing much after you are 5 years old because I for one do NOT believe that and if that is the case why are we bothering to have our children go to school and learn anything the rest of their lives?

sorry.....I already know I have a slightly bad attitued about this and I am being a bit hypocritical because I believe an IQ score means crap....and yet this is bothering me. I guess because they have instantly dismissed my son's potential before he has even started school.....already telling me and sending a message to him.....that he could not possibly have improved in 2 years time.

I am not sure my stomach and fortitude can make it through a public school setting.


Keith said...

Melinda, U have never heard of that! The don't usually "test" I.Q.'s for acedemic purposes until 5th grade. I pray that they aren't trying to pigon hole our son into a catagory to suit their needs.


Anonymous said...

We had to do that when my some started Kindergarten-something to do with the level of services. I think you haveto get to a point where you just say-"do what you need to do to get the right ammount of help". They really do not care that much about it-but you have the rightto have them sit down with you and fully explain why they haveto do it-why it matters-bla bla bla. Dont get caught up in it. They do not run around talking about IQ scores-it just goes on their record and then they move on. They need a bsaeline-they do not know your child-once they get to know him and see where he needs help and where they can back off-that will be what they talk about. The public school system is what it is. They not only have to make it ok for Noah, there are many other kids too. While your son is the most important thing to YOU-ALL of the kids are important to the, And rightly so. I have one child with AUtism, and one who is NT. I want both to have a good experience. Just like I want my child with Autism to be accepted and helped in class, if my other son were to have someone in his class with special abilities I would want to be sure that THAT child belonged there-becuase the teachers job is to teach. He/She cannot be constantly stopping to accomodate one child. The whole class is equal. There has to be a fit. You have to just try it out-you will know if it is not working.

Melinda said...

Keith: well I am sure I will find out more as time goes on

Anon.....yes I know what you speak about because Noah has been in a public school setting in the past. He did 2 years of preschool and almost a full year at kindergarten. IN TWO DIFFERENT school settings and classroom settings. I totally understand that his being in a classroom if it is not working can be a hindrance to the other students there and the teacher.

I plan on just trying things out and seeing how things go....with an ever watchful eye out to make sure they are not going to stick Noah into a setting he does not belong. That would not make sense for anyone involved.

I am also not hung up on the IQ test....I just feel he should be retested....since his other IQ test is almost 3 years old. He was not very verbal at that time and his comprehension was almost zero. I am sure his score would be different now than 3 years ago....and my apprehension is they will base some of their expectations and placement considerations on his prior score...which is not a true or accurate reflection of where he stands today.

Thanks for visiting and your comments ;)

Drama Mama said...

I hate those f**king tests.

I HATE my daughter's public school and the beaurocracy that we have to go through, but I tell you true; the school has been FANTASTIC for my daughter and she loves it. I have to get past my gestalt reactions to the "hoops" we have to jump through.

Just remember that you always have an alternative. Have your plan B in place.

Good luck, and I feel you on this one.

it's me, Val said...

I just wanted to say "hi"! I found you through top momma! I have a "Noah", too! Such a beautiful name! Nice to meet you. I will be back!

Melinda said...

thanks Drama Mama.......yes there are always alternatives....and the tests always seem to make everyone feel the same way. I feel pretty positive about all this really.....which is odd because I am like the only one still holding out with positivity! haha....I will know more after Monday and Noah completes some testing.....

thanks for the visit and comments! :)

Anonymous said...

I think that normally an IQ would not change much with age. The tests are correlated with how old you are. I think of IQ as sort of a measure of how bright one is, the capacity you have to be taught and to learn things. Not infallable of course!

HOWEVER that being said, I think if he was not very verbal 2 years ago, a re-test now might be a more appropriate indicator of his IQ. I have heard of kids on the spectrum test artificially low because of language limitations.

But you might want to consider, I heard an educational advociate say that she always turns the school district down whenever they want to test her son's IQ. She says it is ok to have it done privately for your own information...but she says if the kid tests low, the school's attitude towards the kid might be "well, what do you expect?" when he has trouble in school...and then if he tests high they could try and use it to take services away saying he is so smart he doesn't need them.

Good luck! :-)

mcewen said...

I've not heard of that before.
When the boys were first diagnosed they said they were too young to test, but that we should have it done later when they were older to check for mental retardation [yes, that really made my day!]
This isn't really my field, but it sounds completely daft to me.

Mom to Max said...

i am thinking that they are just lazy and don't want to take the time and/or expense to do another test. is it possible for you to get him re-tested on your own? i would be guarded too about this.

i am new to your blog...can you tell me how you decided to make the decision to put him in school again after being homeschooled? i am homeschooling and every year i re-visit the idea of public or private school far home seems the best option for us.

you will have to tell us how it all goes. remember that you are your son's strongest advocate. if you don't like something then voice your concerns and loudly!

Melinda said...

thanks for all the visits and comments.

In regards to the questions about deciding to let Noah try public school again that decision has not been easy. I vowed to never let him go back into the public school setting long ago....unless he himself wanted to try it again.

Over he has made some progress.....the need for him to be around other kids doing regular kid things with other kids has increased. Where one he did not really want to be around kids much and sometimes even the sight of another child or children could set Noah he craves being around them and wants to do things with them. He wants to make friends and do friend things.

I love to teach Noah here at home and will still continue to do so in some form. I also realized with me trying to work from home and on my own with time is more limited and I was not really able to give him everything he needed.

I also want him to experience as much every day normal routines and activities as he can as I feel it will prepare him for a better independent life one day.

If he was still not wanting anything to do with other kids or those situations this would be a lot harder and I doubt I would have him try school.

The timing is just right to try it again. Noah wants to......he seems more than ready this time. SO I have to do this for him......I have to let him try spreading his wings and flying solo......even for short trips!