Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dear Noah: Crossing the fence......

Yep. You went outside yesterday to play with the neighbor girls. I usually am either outside with you or in the kitchen doing things so I can see you in the yard. You have been very good lately though with staying in the yard and doing all the things you are supposed to do......and then there was yesterday.

I had to go back into the bedroom area and the bathroom while you were outside....when I came back to the kitchen and looked out the door.....guess where I found you??

YEAH...NEXT DOOR IN the neighbor's yard with the girls. Oh great....I was going to have to play the BAD ASS MOM role and punish you.....which I hate doing but know it is necessary.

SO I made you get your little ass back on OUR side of the fence.....then proceeded to ask you what you had done. You were bawling and your face was beet red. You were hot and sweaty. You proceeded to tell me that you and the girls thought it would be a great idea for you to go into their WITHOUT MY permission or their mother's climbed up and over the fence....and not only was in their yard....but told me you also took a "tour" of the inside of the neighbor's house. I imagine the mother wondered what the crap was going on. did not get to play outside any more yesterday.......and you did not get to go swimming. I talked and talked to you about doing the right things and "LISTENING" and asking permission, safety much crap it gave me a headache! You half-heartedly listened....really only more upset you got into trouble and the fun stopped rather than truly understanding the aspects of what you did wrong or how it would make me worry or accidents could happen....etc.

sigh.......we had SEVERE storms last night. They woke me up and then you up. Needless to say you did not really want to spend that time in your bed I let you come into my room. The storm was really bad and very very loud with lots of lightning and thunder and tons of rain. We love storms but I have to admit I was a bit worried we were going to have a tornado.

I do love you Noah......still.....always.....but I want you to keep a good attitude and frame of mind and I know I am being probably unrealistically hopeful this will continue into preteen and teenage years.......

sigh.....but we will do our best trying!

It did concern me that the little 5-year-old girl understood that I would be worried about you if I looked in the yard and did not see you.....but you still did not quite get 8-1/2 years of age. While I understand that is just how you are made did little to make me feel any ease about certain social situations in real life.




Mom said...

I understand how you were worried. But I also think little boys don't seem to grasp these things as well as most little girls. Perhaps it's that built in mother instinct in little girls. I don't know. But little boys only seem to think about the moment and what they want to do. Now that I think about it, I think most men are that way to. Ha!Ha!.

Love you.

Drama Mama said...

I understand your concerns over the safety issues. Got that, totally.

What I LOVED is that he snuck out to PLAY with other kids. Engaging! Playing!

How many moms like us WISH for the day that their kids WANT to play with others?

He'll get it.

Melinda said...

oh I KNOW! haha...Noah used to not want to play with any other kids or have any other kids even in the vicinity he was whether it was play areas or playgrounds. He would have spells where he enjoyed it for a bit......then back to NOT wanting anyone to be around him.

Since moving back closer to my family....and having him be around his cousin and more social outings...and moving to where we live now where there are cute girls he can play with next door.....he has really blossomed. He wants to go play with other kids all the time and do things with them...he CRAVES IT! SO I do understand that aspect of it too and I am thankful and LOVE the fact that he is enjoying playing with other children now!:)

KC's Blog said...

it's so very awesome Noah is playing with friends. I can totally relate to safety issues though, our kiddos just don't grasp the danger concept. I think you did what every mother would have done in the same situation. It can be very scary when they slip out in such a short amount of time. I remember when K.C. escaped from our house, scared the life out of me.