Friday, March 09, 2007

ride the rails...

this poem I wrote is dedicated to Noah, since he loves trains

If I had one wish to give to you, to help you in your life
I'd wish for you a lifetime free, of any pain or strife
To live each day abundantly, carefree and full of joy
To seize an opportunity, though yet you're still a boy
To remember when you're under stress and need to get away
To hop that train and ride the rails, any time, night or day
The train is filled with magic to carry your hopes and dreams
To distant lands and faraway places, as the rails below you scream
There you'll know no limits, there's nothing to hold you back
As long as you believe you can, that train will stay on its tracks

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano
Image Source: Yahoo Images


Anonymous said...

God Melinda, that was beautiful. A poetess? Wow. Why don't you do a book? It costs nothing unless you want to buy one. Who knows you might have a closet full of something you can sell and don't forget there is always Amazondotcom. I am serious.

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

Thanks Dad. I have been writing poems for a long time now. I even started another blog on Blogger to devote to nothing but my writing.

I have had some of my poems already published in books.....but I have decided to publish my own book later this year if I can.

SO I have been busy continuing to write them so I will have enough to make it worthwhile.

Thanks for the feedback and compliment!

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

actually I even own a .com domain that will be turned into my writing site. Meanwhile it flips people back to my Blogger blog where my poetry and prose are located for now:


Keith said...

Melinda, As Always, You state so well what's in your heart. AND, how to convey thoses feeling for all of us to share. Our little man is also such an inspiration. I am proud to know you, and and what a great mother you are to our son.

Mom said...

I just stopped by tonight, having a hard time going to sleep, guess I shouldn't have taken a nap this afternoon, but I was worn out.

Anyway, the poem is beautiful. Just wanted to let you know. It did make me cry. Because I know how you feel as his Mother.

Love you both, have a good day tomorrow. Hope you got caught up today so you and him can run to the park or someplace fun on Monday.

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

awww... thanks mom......we love you {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}