Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dear Noah: Fly Friend...

Well today you were excited as you came in to announce you had a new friend. A new "fly friend" that you said you were going to call "hungry" because it kept flying around trying to eat crumbs on your desk. You were ooohing and aaaahing about it like it was a newborn baby, letting it climb on your hands and arms. You wanted to keep your door shut for fear he would "escape" and you were very happy.

Till he started to buzz around your ears. Then you had a change of heart. Then you wanted him OUT of your room and immediately. You finally shooed him out of your room and have kept your door closed the rest of the day for fear your former fly friend would fly back into your room.

You have also picked up some phrases. I have noticed a recurring one when I am trying to tell you something you need to remember to do, you will interrupt me and loudly say "okay...okay..I GET IT!"

hum....(tapping fingers)

Another one is: "Come on I haven't got all day!" (which I know you got from me).

You have also been obsessing about eating out all the time. Today you made a 15 minute videoclip of Burger King's items on their menu. You could have done a commercial as you really got the closing line, "HAVE IT YOUR WAY AT BURGER KING" down so well.

anyway......your former fly friend has not moved on to the kitchen area where his chances of survival have greatly increased, unless he starts buzzing my ears.

I love you very much Noah.

mommy :X


Daddy said...

Well my little man...I was on-line with you when during the later half of the fly episode. You seem to get enthralled with certain things...then if it affects you too have struggle coping. You will learn this in time...we pray for that anyway. I would have loved to seen that video clip. The last thing you told me was that you were going to ask mommy if you could go to BK. I love you my little man.

Nikon said...

Great story Melinda.

nq said...

what a story!
sorry i've been gone so long!

Anonymous said...

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Patty said...

Well little fella, a fly isn't much of a pet, but hey, if you enjoyed him while it lasted, that was good. They do make a lot of noise when they get around your head and ears. Have a great day. Love you