Monday, March 19, 2007

Dear Noah..."race car kisses"...

We have started a little ritual that you must do every night before saying goodnight or you cannot fall asleep. You demand "race car kisses" from mommy.

One might ask "what is a race car kiss?" Some might already know. It is where I lean down and in my throat start my engine....but I do it close enough to Noah's face or somewhere on his body he can feel the vibrations....and then once my "engine" is started...I hit the accelerator and shift through the gears (with my voice) till we have reached a nice cruising speed....

I started out giving these to Noah off and on a long time ago. When he was a baby he responded to sounds and vibrations of the touch. SO I came up with different types of kisses to give to him. This is one of many that had been swept under the rug for a time...but has recently resurfaced. Noah enjoys them immensely.

In asks for them every night....and starts giggling before I even get close to him. AND he requests that I move the kisses ALL over his body now...on his face, his neck, his shoulders, back up to his ears and then his cheek....where I try to sustain my breath in high gear vibrating mode as long as I can against his cheekbone. Not too long into it Noah begins to also make the exact same pitched tone as I am making......and we are 2 echoes in the night for seconds in time.....till one of us runs out of breath (that would usually be me). By then I have usually partially drooled on him and he will say "eeew...another wet one!" as he wipes it off and laughs.

There are other times he will only accept my kisses on his face through the blanket. He wants a kiss but does not want to look at my face that close or my eyes or have my lips touch his. IF I do touch his skin with my lips he will wipe it off immediately. MANY times....and then wipe his face continually into the blankets and sheets. I long ago learned to not take offense at that. It is just Noah's way of handling certain sensory issues that bother him.

Sunday we decided to go to KFC and take a bucket of chicken to his grandma C.'s house. He loves going to visit her. We had a nice supper and visit afterwards. Noah was in heaven having someone else to LISTEN to all his train stories and watch him draw train crossing signals on his doodle pad. The entire time....RECORDING himself of course with his camera.

Tomorrow a new day begins and new school week for Noah. I am hopeful I can get that more organized this week than it has been for awhile now.

okay engine has started.

i will love you forever

mommy :X

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Daddy said...

Noah you are so sweet!... I can just see you and mom doing the "race car kisses" YOu love the attention I know that for a fact. You handle the sensory issues as well as you can....and I have noticed you are improving, ever so slightly but an improvemnet none-the-less.

KFC??? One of your favorites! Chicken stips and potatos wedges...mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm GOOOOOOOD!

I am also glad to hear that your new pants fit well. and that you love your new train book!!!!!!!

Love you dearly, Daddy